It was reported that SBS Transit CEO Gan Juay Kiat who has tendered his resignation to take responsibility for a “personal indiscretion” was allegedly caught having affairs with subordinates and other married women by the private investigator company, Kokusai Security Pte Ltd.

Gan, a former President and SAF scholar has been with the ComfortDelGro-owned transport group for 11 years. He is married with grown-up children and has helped place SBS Transit as an efficient multi-modal operator, ST reported.

Kokusai Security was hired by someone to trail Gan and get evidence of his “personal indiscretion”.

Kokusai Security later posted posted a video and a picture of Gan’s “indiscretion” online, after they had the consent from their client to do so. Kokusai Security alleged that in fact, Gan had “multiple affairs with subordinates/married women within a month”. It added that Gan had “different women in Singapore during office hours/weekends and overseas”.

Despite Gan’s resignation over his “indiscretion”, SBS Transit Chairman Lim Jit Poh still says Gan is a good CEO. He told the media, “We have lost a good CEO, who has done much for land transport in Singapore.”

Indeed, Gan is so good that last year, SBS Transit paid him a total of $1,221,280 last year, according to SBS Transit’s 2017 Annual Report:

Not bad for a person who gets paid while having “indiscretions” with different women during office hours too.


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