Lim Tean forms new political party, Peoples V which promises to involve citizens in the process of democracy

Lim Tean forms new political party, Peoples V which promises to involve citizens in the process of democracy

Former leader for the National Solidarity Party (NSP), Lim Tean has finally announced the formation of his new political party in Singapore called Peoples Voice. After filing an application with the Registry of Societies (ROS) earlier this year in April, it appears that the request has been finally approved.

In a 7-minute Facebook video, Lim Tean as party leader announced their most important promises which include a return of CPF withdrawal at age 55, making basic goods such as baby milk, rice, books and children’s clothes zero rate GST, slashing the Prime Minister’s salary by 70% and introducing a minimum wage.

He also stressed that Peoples Voice will involve the citizens in the process of democracy via referendums on major issues. Specifically, he promised to call for a referendum to ask whether the people would like to overturn the current Elected President since “We were robbed of choosing a president a year ago. Not a single vote was cast for the President that was installed last year.” He added, that the people can “cast afresh a new democratic vote for a President we can call our own.”

Other issues that Peoples Voice will address include addressing the HDB ownership/tenant situation, breaking up market monopolies in Singapore, scrapping the PAP’s 10 million population plan, and examine the recent hikes in water, electricity, and transport fees.

Lim Tean called Peoples Voice ‘the only truly democratic party in structure, operations and core values’ which has ‘set sail to bring true democracy and social justice’ to Singapore.

He continued, “We did not create Peoples Voice for some incremental change system, for some kind of check and balance to the PAP… Peoples Voice is here to make a difference.  To be in government so that we can restore and then transform our nation to be a leader once more in this region of the world.”

In a nutshell, Lim Tean promises that this new party, if elected into power, will focus on allowing every Singaporean to develop their potential to the fullest and will protect the interest of Singaporeans above all else.

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