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The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) are calling for ‘O’ blood donors to come forward to donate blood over the next two weeks.

In a press release on Friday (28 September), the authorities stated that an estimated 500 donors are required to bring up the ‘O’ blood stock to a healthy level. Donors are encouraged to visit Bloodbank@HSA, Bloodbank@Dhoby Ghaut, Bloodbank@Woodlands and Bloodbank@Westgate Tower as soon as they can.

They stressed that being a universal blood group, ‘O’ blood is required for all patients during emergency situations when their blood groups are not known. Moreover, nearly half of the patients are ‘O’ blood type who can only receive group ‘O’ blood.

According to the authorities, the national blood stock level for ‘O’ blood is about half of the required stockpile as of today. SRC and HSA aim to have at least six days’ supply to meet daily transfusion needs and bleeding emergencies in Singapore.

They urges all healthy individuals with ‘O’ blood type between 16 and 60 years, weighing at least 45 kg, to come forward to help.

Donors who have not made a donation in the past 12 weeks are also encouraged to donate, they added.

The authorities remind donors to bring their NRIC [for Singaporeans], or passport [for non-Singaporeans]. For donors aged 16 or 17 years old, a signed parental consent form is required. The form can be found here.

Before a donation, they advised donors to eat a light meal and drink plenty of fluids, as well as ensuring that they have adequate rest the night before the donation and on the actual day itself.

Those who have not donated blood before in Singapore can visit HSA website or call 6220 0183 for more information or to make an appointment for blood donation.

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