An employment agency (EA), SRC Recruitment LLP, which was behind the advertisements marketing foreign domestic workers (FDWs) on online marketplace, Carousell has been served with a notice of licence suspension by the Minister of Manpower (MOM) and can no longer emplace any new FDWs.

In a press release on Wednesday (19 September), MOM revealed that it is investigating into the EA with the view to take prosecution actions for infringements under the Employment Agencies Act (EAA).

Mr Kevin Teoh, Commissioner for Employment Agencies, said, “The MOM is committed to protecting the well-being of FDWs in Singapore.  We strongly condemn the advertising of FDW services in an undignified manner. Advertising FDWs on an internet platform meant for trading goods is completely inappropriate and unacceptable.”

“Such an act is an offence under the EAA. The Ministry takes a very serious view on this matter, and we will not hesitate to take prosecution actions on errant EAs,” it added.

According to the authority, when MOM was first alerted to the postings on Carousell on 14 September 2018, a Facebook post was put out immediately to warn EAs against such practices. MOM also told Carousell to take down the offending posts.

MOM stressed that it expects all EAs to exercise a duty of care towards their clients, including FDWs and that the Ministry sternly warns EAs against similar actions that would denigrate the dignity of FDWs working in Singapore.

MOM added that it is also in touch with the Indonesian Embassy and have informed them that we are investigating the case.

The ministry had earlier announced on its Facebook page that it is aware aware of cases where foreign domestic workers (FDWs) are being marketed inappropriately.

MOM stressed that advertising FDWs like commodities is unacceptable and an offence under Section 11(1)(c) of the Employment Agencies Act, which states that an employment agency (EA) should not act in a manner likely to be detrimental to the interests of its clients.

If found guilty, an EA will face demerit points and have its licence suspended or revoked.

The ministry also stressed that it is a serious offence to conduct EA activities without a valid licence. Offenders can be fined up to $80,000 and/or jailed for up to two years. Anyone who uses the services provided by an unlicensed EA can also be fined up to $5,000.

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有“粤曲王子”之美名的马来西亚资深艺人郑锦昌,今早(29日)9点逝世,享年77岁。据悉,他生前患有肾脏病。 综合媒体报道,郑锦昌患有肾脏病,近年的身体状况也大不如前,甚少公开露面。郑锦昌最后一次公开露脸是在今年9月4日特地出席电影《大财神》开镜礼支持黄志强,以及探望有份参与演出的香港好友高雄。 说起郑锦昌,他以一首《唐山大兄》扬名海内外,生于1941年12月22日,人称昌哥,出生于贫寒家庭。13岁就到酒楼工作,但他对唱歌感到兴趣完全受到酒楼同事影响,而唱出兴趣的他在工余时间还会到会馆学唱粤曲。 他曾回忆第一次站上舞台演出时,因为紧张忘词又走调。虽然与奖项无缘,然而他声线美及咬字清,而被唱片公司发掘成为唱片歌手,开启了他不一样的璀璨人生。 1966年,他出版了第一张个人华语唱片,更在1969年凭借《鸳鸯江》一曲在东南亚及香港成名。 昌哥于1966年出版第一张个人华语唱片,1969年凭《鸳鸯江》一曲在东南亚及香港成名,由于当时大马爆发513事件,他在老板的建议下,便到香港发展,随后一首《新禅院钟声》唱到街知巷闻,更获封“粤曲王子”的美称。 1973年,他获得沈殿霞推荐,与李小龙在香港经典节目《欢乐今宵》同台演出,造成轰动,也让他自此在香港、大马两地开展了歌唱生涯的巅峰时期。他所演唱的《唐山大兄》流传至今。 1977年,由于不断往返马港登台表演的生活,让他倍感厌倦,于是毅然决然返马发展,随后便成立锦昌唱片栽培信任,但因欠缺经验与时机不佳,公司经营不过四年就因严重亏损而倒闭。 随后他也加入山水影视与HVD,展开长达十多年的演员生涯,拍了逾百部让人津津乐道的电视剧。 2017年昌哥于香港举行4场告別演唱会,同年在大马演艺圈一群好友包括谢玲玲、江梦蕾、李燕萍、林秋燕、陈美娥、林德荣等,也在《郑锦昌友情友爱演唱会》上向这位优秀的前辈致意,其后郑锦昌正式退休,结束纵横歌坛逾半世纪辉煌的演绎与歌唱事业。 据圈内人透露,郑锦昌这些年饱受肾病之苦,与他交情很好的邓冠维将与杨素文今晚办慈善音乐会,将款项捐给肾脏病人,帮他筹款,奈何粤曲王子已不敌病魔逝世。

【冠状病毒19】8月8日新增132例确诊 六入境病例

根据卫生部文告,截至本月8日中午12时,本地新增132例冠病19确诊,有一例是社区病例,入境病例六例。 本地累计确诊已增至5万4929例。 新增病例大多为客工,住在作为隔离设施的独栋宿舍。社区病例是本地公民。 至于入境病例在抵境后已遵循居家通知。