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Gradual easing of dry and warm conditions in the next fortnight

Gradual easing of dry and warm conditions with increased showers forecast in second fortnight of August. Singaporeans may expect 5-7 days of late morning and early afternoon thundery showers, and 2 or 3 days of morning Sumatra squalls, therefore, a few warm days can still be expected.

Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) stated in a press release on Thursday (16 August) that the prevailing Southwest Monsoon conditions over Singapore and the region are forecast to persist for the rest of August 2018. In the next fortnight, the prevailing winds are forecast to blow from the southeast or southwest.

MSS stated that the dry and warm conditions experienced in recent days are expected to ease with a gradual increase in shower activities in the second half of August 2018. During the fortnight, short-duration thundery showers are forecast on five to seven days, with most of the rain falling between the late morning and early afternoon, and may on one or two days extend into the late afternoon.

According to the service, on two or three days, widespread moderate to heavy thundery showers accompanied by gusty winds due to Sumatra squalls can be expected in the morning. The rainfall for the August 2018 is likely to be below average for many parts of Singapore.

During the fortnight,MSS stated that the daily temperature is forecast to range between 25°C and 33°C on most days.  Warmer conditions with maximum temperatures of around 34°C and minimum temperatures of around 27°C can be expected on a few days with little or no rain.