Pro-PAP fanpage spreads misinformation about GST cuts in Malaysia

“Fabrication about The PAP”, a pro-establishment Facebook fanpage is creating much confusion amongst Singaporeans and Malaysians after posting up two receipts from Malaysia, claiming that prices had gone up despite Goods and Services being cut to zero per cent by the new Malaysian Government.

The page wrote in its post, “Milo kosong increased by RM0.60 even before GST 0%.”

The two receipts which were from Rathaa Curry House in Puchong Selangor, showing a 60 cents increase of the Milo drink from RM5.40 to RM6.00.

Although the wording on the Facebook post was correct to state that the increase was before GST is adjusted to flat zero, but the captions on the image give a different impression with the wordings, “Remove the GST, they said. Cost of living will lowered, they said.”

A lazy social media user would just read the caption on the image, and assume the price difference is before the GST was lowered.

But as many netizens commented on the post, the date on which the price was increased is on 29 May, days before the reduction of GST on 1 June.

Zach Nawa wrote, “Blardy hell admin spread fake story! See the date on the receipt both still in May where without GST only start on 1st June. White dog barking lies! Desperate to sabo M’sia new public serving govt..a threat to your master is it?”

Vivien Tay wrote, “FYI, I’m in Malaysia since yesterday, all dinning receipts shows no gst and price stay the same! Love Malaysia bokeh!”

Amirul Adli wrote, “So uhh…. you are using an increase price of milo and prata as evidence that cost of living has increased? I guess if you are Pro-PAP, you will desperately use anything to support your agenda uh. Pathetic.”

Tsai Kok Tiam sarcastically commented, “food court in Singapore also increased price without 9% gst.”

Despite the comments in the Fanpage noting that the price increase was before the cutting of GST and that it is the issue with the restaurant and not the system, netizens, especially Singaporeans, shared the post without reservation and doubts.

It is a wonder why the fanpage did not make the same kind of posts when drinks increased price immediately after the announcement of water tax hikes in 2017 and Ministers such as Senior Minister of State for Finance and Law Indranee Rajah, had commented that the water tariff hike would have a very minimal impact on the price of coffee or tea.