Parliamentary debates of highly-paid 4G Ministers show that they bring nothing new or innovative to the table

Over the past few days, Parliament has debated the President’s address. Through this, ordinary Singaporeans had the opportunity to hear speeches by some of our 4G leaders.

If we were to recall what Lee Hsien Loong said, the 4G leadership will have to work as a team and it is sad to say that the quality of this team has been quite disappointing. They are basically saying what has been earlier said and bring nothing new to the table.

For example, Chan Chun Sing (who is supposedly our next Prime Minister) said that our drive will determine how far we progress as a nation for the next 50 years. He also said that we needed top leadership and that Singapore can secure its place in the world by staying relevant and principled. But wasn’t this already said by Lee Kuan Yew more than 50 years ago?

Everyone knows what LKY thought of attracting the best talent. In fact, it was he who said in a 1963 speech that “the will, the cohesion, the stamina, the discipline of their leaders which ensure it an honourable place in history. In a later New York times interview, he that we have “to go in whatever direction world conditions dictate if we are to survive and to be part of this modern world”

So you see, nothing new has been added to the table despite the mainstream media praising Chan Chun Sing.

Ong Ye Kung (who is supposedly another candidate for Prime Ministership) has mentioned that Singapore needs to use education to ensure that underprivileged Singaporeans have a chance to succeed and move up in society. He also said that Singapore has policies on National Service and Housing which ensure that each housing estate has a different mix of people from different backgrounds.

What is so new or innovative about Ong’s speech? Wasn’t this said by LKY that resulted in him creating the ethic quota for each HDB block so that Singapore could have racial integration and Harmony? And an article from the international media said that it was Lee’s “fast-evolving public education system that was free and open to all that has elevated Singapore to once unimagined levels of prosperity and importance.”

Again, Ong is repeating LKY’s vision without adding anything new to the table

Then there’s also another military men Ng Chee Meng who has pledged to help low wage and mature workers. This is someone who has been given a scholarship and an accelerated career path throughout his entire life, so I seriously doubt that he knows the struggles of the average man. In fact, I am quite willing to bet my last dollar that the government is not going to do anything substantial.

Look at how they have refused to implement any minimum wage for cleaners and claimed that this will cause them to be unemployed. In fact, most would remember a BBC published a viral article entitled “How do Singapore’s poor families get by?” back in 2014 which caused outrage. 400,000 families have less than S$5 a day after paying for utilities, school, rent, loan instalments and healthcare.

I am not trying to be critical of everything, but it is more a case of how these 4G ministers are not bringing anything new to the table!