Lee Bee Wah wants a gracious society – but her actions towards the opposition shows otherwise

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On Sunday (13 May), MP for Nee Soon GRC Lee Bee Wah was speaking with the media at an event to train more people in the community to help those with dementia. Despite being a community event, The MP decided to speak about how Singapore was fortunate to have leaders who did what was right for the country.

She described them as having their heart in the right places even though they sometimes “come up with policies that are not popular, but they know that it is good for our country in the long term. They bite the bullet and still carry out the policies – that is something that I really respect.

“While the PAP lavishes subsidies to ASEAN scholars and locals are faced with a tuition fee increase, the three-term MP added that inequality should be first tackled through education as “it [is not about] the amount of money that (we give) to help them. We should be equipping them with the necessary skills”.

She also spoke about the desire to see society evolve into a more gracious place: “One thing I really wish to see is more of giving back to society, rather than just asking, ‘What do I get out of all this?”.

Despite her desire, her actions may prove otherwise.

Lee Bee Wah draws flak for her attitude towards the opposition

Last Month, the MP gave an interview to ST Life where she talked about her entry into politics. The ex-Malaysian said that she was introduced into the PAP by her university friend Inderjit Singh and was later “spotted” by the upper echelons of the PAP, who asked her to contest in the 2006 General Elections. She added that there was a “99.9% chance” that she would contest in the next elections.

Despite the media describing her as “warm and friendly, laughs and gestures a great deal”, she mentioned that she was friends with everyone except those from the Worker’s Party and “seldom talk[ed] to them”. It is befuddling why an elected MP would take on such an attitude when politicians worldwide are willing to work together for the good of their country.

This is not the first time that Lee has drawn flak.

During the 2015 General Elections,  she made unsubstantiated allegations against her rivals Workers Party in a Facebook post that they were playing underhand by misleading elderly residents who may not know how to vote. She expressed her disgust that “the [WP was] targeting the elderly again”.

She wrote: “Look at this drawing: You should draw a cross next to the party you want to vote for”. Earlier, she had earlier gathered feedback from a resident that WP activists were telling the elderly in her ward to mark a cross next to the WP Team logo if they do not support the WP.

The MP had also been the subject of a police report that she had allegedly canvassed for support during the 7th month Getai. The MP had been introduced by an emcee as the candidate for Nee Soon GRC and had asked the residents to support her despite an earlier police advisory that election activities and seventh-month festival activities are to be kept separate. Two separate police reports were filed against Nee Soon GRC for violating election regulations for using unauthorised election posters. No actions were ever taken against Lee and her team by the Election Department or the Attorney-General’s Chambers

Given her actions and attitude towards the opposition, what do you think of her calls to be more gracious?

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