The need to ensure democratic structure is in place, and right the wrong when there is still a chance to do so

by Roy Ng Yi Ling

What I’ve learnt from Malaysia’s election is that where there is a democratic structure in place, it is possible for a people to regain true democratic governance in their country – they can still vote to make change.

To do so, however, requires the citizenry to be willing to confront themselves and their situation, and to have the courage to decide to make a change and do it.

So that no matter how the ruling party tries to cheat to win, the people will still overcome.

It also means that the citizens must no longer tolerate nonsense and as Mahathir would say, bullshit.

It would mean that if we know something is not right, we stop making excuses for it and we start saying that it is wrong, and decide to put a stop to it.

Otherwise, as the democratic structure is gradually eroded, we may no longer see a semblance of it one day and it might be too late.

The people of Malaysia did not wait. Slowly but surely, they educated one another and themselves, they began to confront the truth and after 3 elections, they decided enough is enough. They decided to protect their future. They took pride. They helped one another.

There were people who sacrificed and were sacrificed along the way, but there were many people who wanted to do right, people from inside the system who decided to let the people know, who fought back.

The people of Malaysia did not wait for someone else to do it for them. They went on the streets to protest, even their new prime minister did. They helped each other get home to vote.

The Malaysian people worked as one to bring about change for their country and their home.

If we truly believe change is necessary, then we cannot wait for someone else to do it. We have to do it ourselves. We must find that courage to confront our inner selves, and to decide to no longer be ruled by our fears, but by truth and justice.

What I’ve learnt from Malaysia is that if we want change, we have to believe in it and work for it.

What about you?

This was first published on Roy Ng’s Facebook page and reproduced with permission