Left to right: Ashley Ling, Shyue Lam, Encik Omar and Mohd Munir

Singapore People’s Party Labour Day Message

Below is the Mayday message from Singapore’s People Party 

27-year-old Mohd Munir works as a barista at a coffee joint, and makes enough to pay his bills and to help his family with household bills.

He hopes that over time, he will be able to do better for himself and move on to a bigger role, so that he can start saving a little to perhaps, buy a nice home of his own at some point in his life.

The one thing which constantly worries him is the rising cost of living, and the fear that what he earns today will not be enough to help him tide through during difficult days.

Like him, 24-year-old Ashley Ling also works in the service industry, is fresh out of school and is already wondering what would be the type of job she will be able to get in future in a rapidly changing world.

Despite her fears, and seeing how many service related jobs are still undertaken by many foreigners or foreign students, she still continues her daily routine of waiting on tables with the hope that at some point in her life, she will be able to find a job which will be able to help her live a fairly comfortable life in Singapore.

And like Ashley, 32-year-old finance manager Shyue Lam also hopes to be able to find that breakthrough someday which will help him and his family lead meaningful lives in Singapore.

The hopes of the young are also very alike the thoughts which run through the minds of our elder Singaporeans, like Encik Ramli Omar. Already turning 60 this year, Encik Omar still works as a security officer to make ends meet. He still hopes to be able to continue working for as long as his physical well-being allows him to do so.

These are just some of the feelings and hopes of many Singaporean workers today as we celebrate Labour Day.

But despite their fears, worries and trepidation about the future, Munir, Ashley, Shyue, Ramli and many others like them are both an embodiment and examples of how we should never give up on our dreams and hopes.

Difficulties aside, we must continue to soldier on, to earn a wage to help pay bills and look after the needs of our families and ourselves.

Just like all our workers who go through a daily routine of waking up, sending their children to school and then rushing to work on a train only to have to rush back after work to pick their children up again, only to go through the routine the next day all over again.

These are the unsung heroes of our country which keep our economy moving.

It is their daily efforts which help keep Singapore going, and our workers’ efforts must always be recognised and treasured.

It is workers and our people like Munir, Ashley, Shyue and Ramli, who form the heartbeat of our workforce, and who keep the wheels of our economy moving.

Front line workers like the many taxi-drivers, nurses, police officers, uniformed services, bus drivers, train technicians, cleaners, caregivers, homemakers and the many, many others who keep Singapore moving, the Singapore People’s Party salutes all of Singapore’s unsung heroes.

And that means every single one of you.

We stand in solidarity with our Singaporean workers, and salute all of Singapore’s unsung heroes, and hope for them a better future in an uncertain world.

Happy Labour Day!