National Solidarity Party’s Labour Day Message

Below is the Mayday message from National Solidarity Party

Our Singaporean Workers – The strength of our Nation

Singapore celebrates Labour Day on the 1st of May each year as a mark of solidarity amongst workers. It served to remind others what their collective strength has achieved for everyone in Singapore.

It was a day intended to be a day set aside in honour of workers and their contributions to the country. What does Labour Day mean to our Singaporean workers today?

We all work hard to earn a living, to move ahead and to be able to give our family everything they need. Therefore Labor Day holiday is a very important date to all people who make a great effort on a daily basis, whether they have an easy or a difficult job. It’s also a time to honor the thousands of people who want to work but are unable to find jobs—working people didn’t cause the economic crisis, but they certainly have paid a heavy price for it.

The speed of technological advances is changing the face of the future faster than what we have been prepared. Besides trying hard to be an adaptable, competitive and resilient workforce, we need a more responsible government and unions free from the clutches of the PAP. We need a government, which truly places Singaporeans workers first and not treated like any other digit. We need unions that truly represent the Singaporean workers and not ones that are fully controlled by the PAP elites.

The Labour Chief position in the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) is being passed like musical chair from Lim Swee Say to Chan Chun Sing and to the recent Ng Chee Meng. The various unions being closely supervised with 71 PAP MPs holding positions as advisors to them and the objective of having all 82 PAP MPs to be involved some time in the near future, the fate of true independent worker unions are tightly in control of the PAP. The workers’ voice is silenced.

The National Solidarity Party monitors closely on all the 23 Industry Transformation Maps and we champion that the Singaporean workers must be the ones to be trained, retrained and hired first in jobs that can provide a decent standard of living for our workers and their families.

The National Solidarity Party believes our Singaporean workers are the strength of our Nation and we will pursue relentlessly to protect, enhance and advance our workers’ rights and relevancy in the ever-changing world. Do remember that labor means hard work but not at the cost of being deprived of your rights.

NSP wishes all a Happy Labour Day.

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