Yishun Station / Photo: Lee Poh's post on TATA SMRT

Third train disruption this week; Delay along NSL and EWL on Thursday morning

For the third time consecutively this week, after disruptions on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT) had a train service disruption on Thursday morning (19 Apr).

For the delay that happened again along the North South Line (NSL) and East West Line (EWL) like on Tuesday, SMRT again failed to give official information, contrary to so many tweets it posted yesterday on the delay between Tampines and Pasir Ris.

At 7:54am Lee Poh posted photos and comments on TATA SMRT, showing crowded Yishun MRT station:

Lee Poh wrote: Yishun station. Passenger keep come in. Accdicent waiting to happen. No announcement. Welcome gift for new CEO

Other passengers also posted their information on TATA SMRT on the EWL delay:

Angie Lim wrote: West bound train stuck at Eunos also. Finally moved after 10mins of stalling. No announcement or explanation at all. Well done smrt.

Syazana Liyana Lopez wrote: Currently on EWL, announced in train there’s a train fault ahead. East bound train. Announced in between Boon Lay and Lakeside Station. Est delay 5mins.

And Danny Leong, answering to Syazana Liyana Lopez’s post mentioned the delay on NSL:

Danny Leong wrote: NSL also the same at abt 8.15 to 8.30am from YT to JE. They kept mute.

Commuters also posted information and their complaints on Twitter:

Despite the queries for official information from passengers the SMRT kept silent on its social media platforms.

And at 9:09am Neo Karen was confused because the train to Changi Airport was not for boarding: