FB Viral video, “Mercedes hits multiple pedestrians” taken in Dec 2017

A viral Facebook video that was uploaded by user, KP Lau shows a few individuals lying motionless on the road while members of public frantically moved close to them, trying to do something to help them.

The video that has been shared over two thousand times on Facebook also shows another group of individuals confronting the driver of the Mercedes Benz which is believed to be the vehicle that knocked the injured down.

While one may think that this is a recent event or an accident that just happened. This is actually a video of an accident that took place at Tanjong Pagar Road on 7 Dec 2017.

Lau explains to TOC that this is an unreleased video of the accident from another perspective.

The four pedestrians – Three Singaporeans and an Australian – were taken to the hospital.

It was reported that one of the Singaporean men, a 56-year-old, was admitted to intensive care for observation, had sustained internal bleeding in the brain. His 23-year-old daughter suffered lacerations and abrasions. Another Singaporean man suffered a nose fracture, while an Australian man sustained spinal cord injuries.

Lim Kwong Fei, then 41-year-old driver of the Mercedes-Benz, was charged a day later in court for drink driving.

It was revealed that his vehicle mounted the centre divider and drove against the flow of traffic which then ploughed into four pedestrians on the traffic island.

Mr Lim car’s then hit a lorry and upon impact, veered to the left, mounting the centre divider again and collided onto the rear of a taxi.

Mr Lim was to appear in court again on 18 Jan this year, however, there was no follow up reports on the case and the condition of the injured pedestrians on media.