Season parking charges imposed on military camps from 1 April 2018

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) announced that it has been imposing market rate season parking charges on its camps and bases from 1 April 2018.

“Following a recent review, six more MINDEF/Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) camps/bases will charge for season parking,” the ministry stated.

It then added that this is in addition to the 10 camps/bases and related premises that currently impose season parking charges.  Due to their proximity to public amenities, the car parks in these camps are deemed to have market value.

The season parking charges are S$120 per month for covered car parks and S$90 per month for uncovered car parks, which are based on the market rates of Housing and Development Board car parks near the premises.

The ministry stated that this policy applies to all permanent staff, as well as contractors who require a car park lot on a regular basis.

“Operationally Ready National Servicemen who are going for their In-Camp Training and other Operationally Ready National Service activities will continue not to be charged for parking their cars in all camp/bases,” it added.

The regulation came under review after the Audit-General’s Office (AGO) 2014/2015 Financial Year report highlighted that three tertiary institutions did not impose parking charges or had charges that were below the market rate.

Earlier this week, Ministry of Education has announced that teachers at all national schools and junior colleges will have to pay when they park their vehicles on the school premises starting from 1 August.