Alleged victim in violent tussle who is charged with assault, seeks witness to dispute allegations

Mr Loh Boon Kwang was involved in a violent encounter on 2 March after sounding out to a driver that his vehicle should not be taking up two lanes.

Mr Loh was earlier waiting at a pick-up location on 2 March 2018, waiting for a hitchgrab driver to pick him up.

He said that he was waiting below the shelter as it was raining during that time. By that time, he noticed a big lorry, vehicle was picking up a lady at the same time.

However, he said that the lorry failed to move his vehicle away from the pick-up point and make way for the Grab driver to enter.

“The lorry was causing unnecessary inconvenience to other road users by deliberately blocking the way when it had clearly occupied almost two lanes,” he recalled.

After waiting for 10 minutes, he saw the male Indian passenger from the lorry approached the Grab driver in an aggressive manner intended to start a fight.

“As such, I quickly called out at the former to get his attention hoping to mitigate the situation. However, the male Indian lorry driver then came over and pushed me away. I struggled during the altercation and suffered some injuries as I was assaulted by him,” he said.

Mr Loh injuries that is said to be sustained from the incident.

The Police was then called in subsequently.

Hoewever, the lorry driver claimed in his statement that Mr Loh was the assailant and aggressor.

“As a result, I was handcuffed by the Police and now faces criminal charges for assault. My injuries were treated the following day at the hospital,” he added.

Mr Loh claims to be wrongly accused and faces criminal charges for assault that he did not commit, hence he is asking for for people who witnessed the incident to step forward.

According to Mr Loh, there is no CCTV around the area when the assault took place but he recalls seeing people filming the incident with their video phones.

Mr Loh requested Grab to assist him in producing all necessary information in full pertaining to the cab booking for the purpose of court proceedings.

He wrote to Grab, “I was trying to protect your Grab driver from imminent danger but I didn’t expect myself to be wrongly accused for the offence I didn’t commit. Hence, I was acting out of righteousness to protect your employee and I hope Grab could give me your full support,”

“I sincerely urge Grab could investigate and interview the driver urgently. Please inform me in regards to the outcome of the investigations based on his perspectives since I was wrongly accused. As such, the Grab driver’s kind understanding and full support are greatly appreciated to be my witness,” he added.

Grab has since provided him with all the information he asked.

Currently, he is asking for any witnesses especially with video evidence to come forward and bring him justice. For those who happen to have any information regarding the matter, please, contact us by sending an email to [email protected]