MCI refutes TOC: Govt already sought AGC before Grace Fu asked Sylvia Lim to apologise

In response to an article published by TOC yesterday (‘PAP government seeks legal avenue against Sylvia Lim after failing to apologise in “Test Balloons” saga‘, 11 Mar), the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) has written an email to TOC saying that the report is incorrect.

MCI said that the claim with regard to the “Government was now seeking AGC’s advice on Ms Lim’s actions because she did not apologise” is incorrect.

MCI, quoting Straits Times, said that the Government had already sought advice from AGC on the matter before House Leader Grace Fu officially asked Ms Lim to withdraw her statement and apologise last Tuesday (6 Mar).

In other words, before Ms Lim’s decision to withdraw or not to withdraw her “allegations” last Thursday (8 Mar), the People’s Action Party government had already proceeded to seek legal opinions from AGC, which is headed by Attorney General, Lucien Wong, Prime Minister Lee’s former lawyer who handled the dispute of Oxley Rd and deputy AG, Hri Kumar, former PAP Member of Parliament.

“We have appended the ST report below for reference,” MCI said. “TOC should correct your report of 11 March.”

It was sent by a nameless “Duty Officer” from the Media Division of MCI.

TOC has since revised the paragraph containing the inaccuracy to “Today, ST reported that the PAP government made an earlier move by consulting with AGC to see if there is a legal case against Ms Lim, as she did not succumb to PAP’s pressure to withdraw her statements and to apologise in Parliament.”