Image Credits: Singapore Financial Sector, Marina Bay, Cegoh, Pixabay

Feeling lost in our own country, Singapore

by Raj Singh

I don’t know how Singaporeans feel but I feel that the country isn’t ours. No, don’t get me wrong. Nothing to do with locals, Permanent Residents, foreign workforce and etc.

Purely to do with how it is governed. On the outside, it seems like a well-oiled machine. But when I look at the faces of people, there is no laughter, no smile, no emotion.

Yes, everyone is in their little rat race trying to make ends meet. Can’t blame them. They need to make ends meet. Near my office, I greet the elderly cleaner. He’s all smiles and can recognise me. Maybe because he needs someone to acknowledge that he is still alive.

What has happened to this country where many of elderly can’t rest or enjoy their golden years. Who really wants to clean floors, tables, dishes or pick up boxes? Who would want their parents to?

Maybe people are feeling lost because they can do anything. Bills, economy, careers are all out of their hands.

Someone up there decides what you need to study and which stream you end up in.
Someone up there decides which army unit you will be assigned to.

I think worst of all, people feel that they are treated like fools. When one says something you need to worry if there are hidden meanings.

Everyone has the right to raise questions. Yet people are told to just accept things.

Watching parliamentary sessions leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Is it a debate or a prosecution?

Maybe that’s why Singapore is soulless.

This post was first published as a Facebook post and republished with permission