Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen

Deeply troubled by Minister of Defence’s disclosure that Singapore will send more forces to Iraq

by Simon Lim

I am deeply troubled by Minister of Defence, Ng Eng Hen’s disclosure that Singapore will send more forces later this year to help the American led coalition in their fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Terrorism, although is a clear and present danger, the root causes of which is that ISIS, a threat originated from the United States involvements in the conflicts in the middle east over the years.

As a responsible member of the international community, I support our country’s participation by ways of measured contribution of assets and personnel like what we have clearly done in the past but to send more of our forces to fight in a war that is not directly ours and put our young men and women’s lives on the line, I strongly urge fellow Singaporeans to stand firm and united and say a very loud and strong NO to this “heroic” Singapore defence minister.

Even for people who have voted and support this useless PAP government, I do not want to see their sons, husbands, fathers or brothers etc come back in body bags fighting a war that is not ours to begin and dying in a foreign land. If it were our own battles and war and our people die defending it, I will have no qualm what so ever, but to shoulder American’s problems and make it into our own problems and threats and that Ng doesn’t have the wisdom, good judgement or the courage to say a firm “No” to the American defence secreatry’s request for Singapore to do more, then any right minded Singaporeans should not just keep quiet and allow this heroic defence ministar to toy with our soldiers’ lives to please his American big brother. Is it any wonder why we have become a more a more likely terrorist target?

When the Vietnam War was raging in the 1960s and 1970s and that was so close to our doorsteps, Singapore, then didn’t have to send our troops to help the Americans soldiers fought the war there. Singapore was very, very fortunate in that during those tumultuous and dangerous years, we had lion leaders in men like the late Lee Kuan Yew, the late Goh Keng Swee and the late S. Rajaratnam etc.

Today, although we are wealthier and our forces better equipped, we, unfortunately, have much softer and useless rabbit leaders like Ng and Lee Hsien Loong etc. Ng disclosed also that Singapore has been contributing assets and personnel since 2014. If helping the coalition even more is so crucially important, I would like to ask Ng since 2014, how many of our ministers’ sons have been deployed to Iraq or anywhere in the middle east as part of Singapore’s deployments to help the American led coalition?

Credible leaders must lead by example, no less. Did PM Lee’s sons go? Or did Tony Tan’s sons go? Or did Ng’s sons go etc? Or for that matter, who and how many of our ministers’ sons went to Iraq? One, two, three, more than three or none?

Tony Blair, the former British labour prime minister foolishly committed the British forces to join Bush in his war against Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction… and when Saddam Hussein was toppled and British and American soldiers searched the whole of Iraq, no weapons of mass destruction were ever found.

Weapons of mass destruction were premised on wrong and/or false American intelligence and the whole world subsequently woke up to that but many British soldiers and American GIs didn’t make it home. Didn’t that experience alert or teach us anything at all?

I urge those 70% electorates who support the PAP government to think harder about this issue. Your son, husband, father or brother may be sent to Iraq if Ng has his way and don’t ever cry if he comes home in coffin or body bag because you have kept quiet when it matters and blindly suck too much without thinking enough whatever this useless pap government feeds you. Your loved ones might have to die for your cowardice, your indifference, your apathy and your stupidity. And much as I dislike, deep in my heart I know it is “Serve You Right”.

This was first published as a Facebook post and reproduced with permission