Quotes of Li Sheng Wu that will make you want to watch this 25 mins film by Al Jazeera

International news agency, Al Jazeera has just released a 25-minute documentary film, “Singapore: The House That Lee Built” that talks about the control of powers and fear of citizens in Singapore which came under the rule of late Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s first Prime Minister and the legacy of what he built following his death in 2015.

Produced by Lynn Lee and James Leong, the film interviews various well-known individuals on their view of Singapore’s intricate and oppressive political framework.

The spotlight feature of the film, is the interview of Mr Li Sheng Wu, grandson of LKY who works as an economist at Havard University at Cambridge and currently in self-imposed exile due to the ongoing charges for contempt of court filed by the Singapore government. Mr Li is the son of Mr Lee Hsien Yang and nephew of Dr Lee Weiling, both siblings of the current Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong.

Mr Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Weiling stepped into media limelight last year after posting a public statement about various allegations about their brother, forcing him to make a self-declaration in Parliament that he is not guilty of any of the claims made against him by his siblings.

The film is embedded at the end of the post and if you are daunted by the 25 min length of the show, just read some of the comments made by Mr Lee and you will be asking for more.

Speaking on the Oxley feud, “My father and aunt were very reluctant in going public. The fact that they took that step was because they felt very much sort of forced into a corner. Like all the various arms of government were arrayed against them that if they kept quiet, they would have seen, essentially, a careful dismantling of my grandfather’s last wish.”

Speaking on Li Hong Yi’s Facebook post that he is not interested in politics. “The thing about being not interested is that it can remain uninterested till you become interested. If he didn’t want to be in politics, he could have said things a lot more clearly and in a way that would be at least a little bit difficult to walk back.”

Speaking about his grandfather’s legacy, “It is valuable in Singapore that there will be a transition away from family branding I am not sure why my grandfather choose his own son and was willing to have his own son go into politics and become prime minister but all I can say is that there are a lot of human being s. If there is one person in the world you are going to overestimate, it is your own child.”

Speaking on the concerns that the family have, “I don’t know exactly how much the government keeps trying to surveil my family but this is probably the first Christmas where I have made Christmas plans with the family over encrypted messaging.”…”When I see my parents outside of Singapore, I feel a sense of relief that they are not there. And that is a very odd thing to feel about home.”

Speaking on how LKY will feel about the Singapore’s current state of affair, “My grandfather always worried about having the family together he also worried about the persistent of Singapore institution. I just don’t know, looking at both what happened to the family and what happened to the Singapore institution . I just don’t know what will cause him more grief.