From 29 January onwards, customers will be able to withdraw new and good-as-new notes at 36 POSB new notes pop-up ATMs located in 27 community clubs across the island

POSB new notes pop-up ATMs return for convenience of customers preparing for CNY

DBS/POSB is providing a hassle-free experience for its commuters to withdraw and collect new and good-as-new notes for this coming Chinese New Year with the return of POSB new notes pop-up ATMs. It will also be rolling out an online reservation system on 29 January.

According to the bank, there will be 36 new-notes ATMs available in more locations – 27 community clubs islandwide, up from 22 in 2016. There will also be increased options to withdraw notes in different denominations.

Similar to last year, customers will be able to use their DBS/POSB cards to withdraw CNY new notes in sums of SGD 100 (SGD 2 x 50), SGD 300 (SGD 10 x 30) and SGD 500 (SGD 50 x 10). The bank will also make available for the first time, the option to withdraw cash in sums of SGD 200 (SGD 2 x 100), SGD 300 (SGD 2 x 50 + SGD 10 x 20) and SGD 500 (SGD 10 x 20 + SGD 50 x 6), reducing the need for multiple transactions.

This is the fourth year in which DBS/POSB is partnering with People’s Association to roll out the new notes pop-up ATMs, a service which is highly popular among Singaporeans.

In 2017, more than 110,000 customers made use of it, with the majority getting their notes outside of banking hours or over the weekends.

All new notes pop-up ATMs are accessible 24 hours daily, except for one located at Chong Pang Community Club, which will be available from 9am to 10pm daily. POSB ambassadors will be on hand to guide customers at various new notes pop-up ATM locations from 29 January to 14 February9am to 9pm.

Make an online reservation for CNY notes

DBS and POSB customers can choose from denominations of SGD 2, SGD 10 and SGD 50 via the online reservation system, and collect their new and good-as-new notes on their preferred dates and timings at all full-service branches.

From 29 January onwards, DBS and POSB customers can visit or to reserve their CNY new notes.

Collect or exchange CNY notes at all DBS and POSB Full-Service Branches

At all full-service branches, special priority queues will continue to be available for the elderly and those with special needs. Customers will also be able to use the SMS ‘Q’ notification service option to request for a queue number via SMS prior to visiting the branch and receive notifications on the availability of new notes.

Send eAng Baos with DBS PayLah!

The eAng Bao feature in the DBS PayLah! (, enables customers to carry on the tradition of red packet-giving with their families and friends even if they are apart as more Singaporeans spend Chinese New Year abroad. According to DBS, the number of eAng Baos sent last year was five times higher than that in 2016.

Skip the queues and make deposit effortlessly

Customers who observe Li Chun, which falls on 4 Feb, can also conveniently deposit money into their bank accounts during their “lucky timings” via DBS PayLah!.

But TOC must highlight that this practice of depositing money according to the timings and Chinese zodiac sign is only observed in Singapore due to a viral whatsapp message of a photo from a Fengshui seminar. The other Chinese communities around the world only observe the day of Li Chun and not the timing.

Other than saving time from queuing, customers will also stand a chance to win SGD 88 when they make deposits to their accounts via DBS PayLah! on Li Chun.

Customers who prefer to make cash deposits can access over 440 DBS/POSB machines with cash deposit functions islandwide.  

Jeremy Soo, Managing Director and Head of Consumer Banking Group (Singapore), DBS Bank, said, “Every year, our customers tell us that they want to spend less time queuing for their notes and more time with their loved ones. We have taken their feedback seriously, which is why we are introducing more pop-up ATM locations this year. In addition, we have also upgraded our machines to hold more notes. The online reservation service as well as eAng Bao feature complement our physical channels.”

He also said, “By creating hassle-free and convenient banking experiences for our customers, we hope to make festive banking simpler and faster, so that they can focus on the people who matter.”

DBS and POSB Red Packets

Customers collecting and withdrawing new or good-as-new notes at all DBS/POSB branches will receive two sets of either DBS or POSB red packets. Red packets will also be given to customers at the new notes pop-up ATMs.

Inspired by the ‘animoji’ trend, DBS’ mascots Xing and Jaan are now supersized, super cute, and super chic for 2018.

Each mascot comes in two designs – with/without spectacles/sunglasses – so customers can customise their gifting. Made from paper sourced from sustainably-managed forests, each packet is wrapped with the DBS “Spark” overlay in gold to evoke the festive spirit.

The POSB red packets feature POSB’s mascot Smiley attired in an adorable onesie, with “pop-out’ fluffy ears when the envelope is closed.

DBS and POSB are offering a slew of exclusive deals for customers this festive season. For instance, customers stand a chance to receive SGD 88 cashback when they register and spend SGD 1,888 from 29 January – 5 March using their DBS/POSB cards*.

They also stand to win SGD 88 when they send an eAng Bao from 25 January – 2 March or make a deposit into their accounts on Li Chun (4 February) with DBS PayLah!*.

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