Goh Chok Tong: Hopes next PM can be designated ‘before 2018 ends’

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, in his Facebook post, has sketched out what he hopes would be a timeline for the formal designation of the next prime minister, the first time a senior figure from the People’s Action Party (PAP) has done so.

Mr Goh wrote, “One urgent challenge I would like to see settled is our fourth generation leadership. Every succession is different, but one thing remains the same: each cohort will have to pick one amongst themselves to lead, and support him. I hope the current cohort will do so in 6 – 9 months’ time. Then PM can formally designate their choice as his potential successor before 2018 ends.”

He further adds, “Whoever is chosen, the team will have to work together, bring in others, and gel to form a cohesive fourth generation Cabinet. They must write a new inspiring chapter for Singapore, be courageous to make difficult decisions, stand tall with integrity, and earn the respect and trust of Singaporeans and the world at large.”

Citizens took to social media to give their take on Mr Goh’s statement.

Ben Yen wrote, “We already found a PM that we all accept, but because he is a Indian, you guys say no.”

Lee Soh Geok wrote, “Impatient for the designate to assume post officially like Halimah… chasing the young ones to make it happen quickly. Anyone dares rebel against the order? Anyone has the humility to admit he’s not up to the job? I guess not. they think they’re all qualify to be kings. And yes, Gillian Koh’s rooting for CCS. And Tharman is completely shut out.

Clifford Chan wrote, “Aiya so many Ministers, got a ESM, got Mayors. No cutting costs but expanded costs as these commanded million dollars salaries. How many are forward true qualify humble Minister?”

Theo De Roza wrote, “It’s like telling us to watch a Dragonball movie with a white cast because it’s gonna be good.”

Magdalene Shane Lee wrote, “No candidates of calibre, that’s the problem.”

Sangha Vandana wrote, “Don’t talk cock Goh. What next leadership are you chanting about whereby your government don’t even allow a race reserved PM but instead allowed for PE. Stop your goldilocks propaganda.”

John Han wrote, “We already know Chan Chun Sing is the chosen one. Really jialet if this become truth. Chan Chun Sing can even ‘predict’ Mdm Halimah to be president in parliament. He said it twice or three times.
So I strongly believe he has that crystal ball to see him as the next PM. ”

Darren Ong wrote, “The retirement of the useless 2nd generation minister who is sitting on millions every year doing nothing is urgent too.”

Phillip Lim wrote, “Good year-end joke from Woody. He thinks the next gen leadership has not been planned. Just like Halimah’s appointment was not pre-planned. Singaporeans better ownself wish ownself well in 2018.”

Francis Chng wrote, “Just make Tharman the PM, there will be no urgent challenge. Then take the sweet time to decide.”

Jahangiw Ibrahim wrote, ‘They might use him again as a seat warmer so that LKY Grandson can be the Next PM. Anyway he has done a great job as a Seat Warmer.”

Patrick Yuin wrote, “I pity the next PM because he has to shoulder all the blame for billions of dollars lost in foreign investment. Don’t know whether we Singaporeans able to live and touch our CPF savings physically. I really doubt we could.”

Teo Bak Leng wrote, “Thank you Mr Goh for your realistic wish for a Healthy Singapore. I sincerely hope not only the next Prime Minister to be named but also one that could take over the job as soon as possible, if not immediately!”

Tan Tan wrote, “He started the Singapore downhill path and now talking nonsense.”

Thiru SC wrote, “Take a bow! All Chinese ensemble. One a stroke patient, the other two not even completed one term. Whatever happened to meritocracy and colour blind selection.”

Edwin David Goh wrote, “Thought already appointed designated. You meant haven’t meh?
President also know way before in advance. PM also will know la. Cannot surprise people.”

Robert Tan wrote, “Makes no difference truly bcos they are from the same circus. The best among the worst will be the next PM. Singapore will definitely be Jiak lark.”

Steve Teh wrote, “The fact that they got everyone guessing shows there is no best candidate. Brace ourselves for more flops ahead.”

Dave D Daran wrote, “Actually the ruling party is in real trouble. It’s better the look at interest of the locals than trying very hard to install new citizens as they like. It hurts the people.”

Sim Tony wrote, “Feel like going to wake LKY up n ask him to be 4G PM. Seriously Tharman is a better candidate. If he is not interested it is really a big blow to Singapore. Next suitable candidate should be Heng Swee Keat. Not Chan CS never never.”

Keith Yeo wrote, “Maybe no need to do that. After next election, PAP not the Govt anymore.”

Ang Swee Keng wrote, “Hope that LHL continue to lead till the next GE and see if Singaporean will still vote for him in AMK GRC given that he had screwed up Reserved Presidency.”

Joe Lim wrote, “Show me the Swiss living standard first before talking craps.”

David Yeo wrote, ‘Enough of white ivory-tower ministers, please. Enough of increase in tax, gst, water rates, electricity rates,”

Phillip Ang wrote, “Our 4 million projected population in 2031 earliest was fast forward to 2000 after Lau Goh became. He was least concerned about inadequate infrastructure. He even coined the term FT despite knowing most foreign workers depress wages for locals. Seriously, Lau Goh is in no position to talk about leadership after singlehandedly creating too many issues.”