United Airlines CEO apologised for series of failures of Flight 3411 at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago

Source: Video screengrab.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz apologised for a series of failures that led to the 9 April forced removal of passenger David Dao.

Mr Dao was forcefully taken off United Express Flight 3411 at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago for refusing to disembark from the plane after he had been randomly chosen by the airline.

The airline said that he was one of four passengers selected for removal so that United personnel could be seated on the full flight.

Footage of the incident went viral on social media and various international news agencies.

Subsequently, various footages from other customers on board that were shared on social media, disputed the initial statement of the CEO and made the saga worse than it was.

In a recent press conference, Mr Munoz expressed his regret regarding the incident.

He said, “The reason I’m sitting here today is because on 9 April we had a serious breach of public trust. I’d like to again to apologise to Dr Dao, to his family, to every person on that flight 3411, and of course to all our costumers and employees worldwide.”

“Further, I personally sorry for the fact that my immediate response and the response of our airline was inadequate at that moment. No customer, no individual should ever be treated the way Mr Dao was ever and we understand that,” he added.

The CEO then said that from his perspective there were four main failures that from the report of the incident.

“First, we called on law enforcement when safety or security did not exist. That should never happen. Period,” he said.”

“Second, we rebooked a crew at the very last minute and we created a situation of our own undoing that we should never have done.”

“Third, we did not provide enough compensation or enough incentives or any options for those customers to give up their seats.”

He then added, “And perhaps our largest failure, our employees did not have the authority to do what was right or to use, frankly, their common sense. And for that moment for our costumers and our company, we failed.”

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