Cat abuse in Pasir Ris; Reduced to skin and bones after thrown inside riser of staircase landing


Local animal welfare organisation, Cat Welfare Society posted pictures of a cat which was found inside a riser at the staircase landing between 9th and 10th floor of Blk 577 Pasir Ris St 53 by the cleaner when he was washing the block on Monday.

It said that the cat was reduced to skin and bones and had a large open wound on its tail.

"Its bum was so raw the caregiver could not tell if it was a male or female," it said.

The page said that the horrific brown stains in the riser shows that it had been struggling desperately inside to get out.

Although the photo shows that the dry riser opening is not obstructed, but CWS ascertains that there had been a door that prevented the cat from coming out.

"By the time it was found, it had given up. Sadly, the cat died before it could be rushed to the vet," it said.

Source : Cat Welfare Society Facebook page..

Source : Cat Welfare Society Facebook page.

Source : Cat Welfare Society Facebook page.

Source : Cat Welfare Society Facebook page.

This is clearly a deliberate act of cruelty and the authorities have been alerted to retrieve any CCTV information.

Sadly, the cat's body was already buried when AVA was called in to investigate the matter. As the case is clear cut abuse, AVA went to retrieve the body but it was submerged in water.

CWS is asking whether will this case be investigated because of the irrefutable nature of the abuse. "Will a case stand up in court without an autopsy report? We are going to have to find out." wrote CWS in its latest Facebook post.

CWS will be organising a door-to-door at Blk 577 on Saturday afternoon to seek information on this sadistic act. If anyone interested to join them, please, email [email protected]