Singapore Mass Rapid Transit tweeted on Monday (13 February) morning during rush hour that its North-South Line (NSL) was experiencing a train fault.
Commuters were then asked to add 20 minutes travelling time from Jurong East to Ang Mo Kio towards Marina South Pier.
It said that free regular bus was available between Woodlands and Yishun in both direction, noting that the fault occurred at Admiralty. smrt2
SMRT then estimated that the service would resume to its normal speed at 8.25am.smrt3
At around 7.50am, it tweeted that the trains service had resume. However, it noted that the trains were travelling at a slower speedsmrt4
Commuters were complaining as last Friday, the line also experienced the disruption during peak hours.
SmooshiMooshi wrote that he spent 40 minutes at Bukit Batok.
Danial wrote that the train’s door at Jurong East did not close for ten minutes.
Queen of Craps asked SMRT to hold its announcement in English as not everyone understands Mandarin.
Ramu wrote that the train did not move for 30 minutes straight.
Rise and fallen wrote that the Government should impose penalties to SMRT for every fault like it did to the telcos.
J4w4d asked SMRT why the train towards Jurong East were also affected as he changed direction but the trains were also delayed.
Che Lun Bing asked the same question with J4w4d, adding that there was an announcement within the train about the delay.
Many commuters posted pictures of the crowds inside the stations.
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