Great expectation of KFC’s Chizza, creates great disappointment to consumers

Chizza / photo: KFC Facebook

KFC recently launched their much-talked about Chizza in Singapore on Wednesday (8 Feb).

The ‘no crust, all chicken’ menu item, which has been first released in the Philippines in 2015, already appeared in India, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Korea. Chizza features a piece of chicken fillet with the traditional pizza toppings – chicken ham, pineapple chunks, mozzarella cheese and KFC’s cheese sauce.

It’s available for $5.10 and with a regular Pepsi and medium fries it is priced for $7.50, while the Chizza Box, which comes with a piece of chicken, a regular whipped potato, potato winders and a regular Pepsi costs $9.50.

Made available on Wednesday at KFC outlets, the heart-shaped chicken pizza blend drew a lot of talks; many social media users have voiced their eagerness to try the new KFC product.

But as the day went on, posted online comments of Chizzas showed that the product was a lot nicer on advertisement than what was delivered.

Hundreds of netizens expressed their disappointment on KFC Singapore’s Facebook post.

Damien Aw said, “Fries and chizza were warm at best. the chicken base tastes dry. Not asking for the sky, but I do expect the meal to be of a certain temperature, not like they were left in the open for 10-15 mins. (It) was a sore disappointment and certainly did not live up to its hype.”

Woshi Mlb also commented with dissatisfaction, “Hi, I have went down to eat chizza. Was so hopeful cause finally It is available in singapore. But seriously what a letdown in terms of flavour. In terms of appearance, there is so much difference compared to your promotion video. The ingredients used on top of the chicken patty, it was cluttered together. You cant really taste as it was not baked for long. On top of that the chizza wasn’t warm at all. And we talk about the potato wedges, it was bland and dry. Seriously what a letdown, I left your outlet very dissatisfied.”

Soon Keat commented, “This is how your Chizza look like. When I open and saw it , I lost my appetite”

photo: KFC Facebook, Soon Keat comment
photo: KFC Facebook, Soon Keat comment

The reportedly long wait times also worsened the name of the fast food producer: “First my colleague and I queued 20 minutes for this and when it was my turn apparently the Chizza were sold out and I had to wait another 20 minutes! No thank you? I don’t wish to wait 40 minutes for a FAST food meal,” said Facebook user Jason Tung.

KFC tried to cool its customers’ anger, it posted an answer for several times: “We’re sorry for the experience that you had. Please give us a chance to make it up to you. If you could pm us your contact details and we will be in touch with you shortly. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!”

But looks like the bland standard answer only degenerate the situation, Kerol Charis Low wrote: “Feedbacks from customers are meant for improvement, better food, better service, better business. Such horrible response from KFC and especially publishing on social media telling the whole world this is how you react towards customers feedback is plain st.p.d.ty.”

However not all customers voiced disappointments, a few minority commented a contradiction, Amelia Ng said: “Loved mine. But we should already know that pictures are for illustration only. I love you, chizza!”

photo: KFC Facebook, Amelia Ng comment
photo: KFC Facebook, Amelia Ng comment

Looks like KFC doesn’t have a good standard for its product or does the eagerness of the customers overwhelmed the fast food’s chefs?

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