A fire broke out at a residential unit at Block 4 Sago Lane in Monday (23 January) morning, causing two people to be conveyed to Singapore General Hospital.
The fire is said to have broken out in victims’ kitchen, who are a female in her 80s and a male in his 50s. Both of them suffered smoke inhalation.
Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that it received multiple calls at 5 am asking for its assistance of a unit on the 10th floor of the affected building, which was then deployed two fire engines, two Red Rhinos, an ambulance and a support vehicle.
It also said that 15 residents from the block’s upper floors were self-evacuated.
SCDF also said that the fire was put out using a compressed air foam jet and a water jet.
A video of the incident was posted on You Tube by Wei Siang Chua.

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财政部在今日宣布,大约93万户本第组屋家庭,将在本月领取60元到100元的水电费回扣。 财政部解释,这笔回扣是消费税补助券的一部分,每三个月派发一次,旨在协助组屋家庭减轻水电费负担。 财政部指出,今年符合资格的家户将能从总值三亿元的水电费回扣中受惠。而无论有关家庭向哪家零售商购电,都能继续享有水电费回扣。 回扣数额按房屋类型而定:租赁组屋和两房式单位的家庭所获得的回扣最高,达100元。 至于三房式组屋家庭可获回扣90元;四房式和五房式单位,分别回扣80元和70元。公寓式组屋或多代同堂单位,则享有60元回扣。 就在上周六,新加坡能源公司(SP Group)宣布,基于,天然气的价格成本已提高,电费将在7月1日至9月30日,增长平均6.4巴仙或每千瓦小时1.43分(未包含七巴仙消费税)。 欲了解更多有关消费税补助券水电费回扣的事项,可联系能源公司电话号码 6671-7117,或电邮至[email protected]。  

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