A 47-year-old woman who was cycling along Pioneer Road North (near Nanyang flyover) died from severe injuries after being hit by a bus on Thursday (12 January) evening. The bus driver lost control of his vehicle and collided with the cyclist along with several other vehicles
The Singapore Police Force (SPF) said that it was alerted to the incident at 6.01pm. It said that accident involving a bicycle, bus, four cars and a lorry.
The Police said that the bus driver has been arrested for causing death by a negligent act. The maximum penalty of this offence is two years imprisonment, a fine or both.
Police has stated that investigations are ongoing.
Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) stated that it was alerted to the accident at 6.03 pm and dispatched two ambulances. The female cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. While, another man in his 60s was conveyed to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.
A dashcam video posted by Ben Chia Lor showed the bus went into a slip road, swerved right, then hit the cyclist. It crashed onto a tree, collided with another four cars, and hit the road divider before it stopped.
The bus was also seen nearly hit a double-decker bus.

Land Transport Authority (LTA) tweeted about the incident at 7.51pm.
A moment later, it said that the Pioneer Road North Exit was closed due to the accident.

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