The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announces that it won the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

The internationally renowned Award recognises the most outstanding achievements and innovations from all over the world in enhancing road safety for different road users.

Selected from a pool of more than 60 nominations globally, LTA received the award from His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent at the annual Gala Presentation held in London on 13 December 2016.

Dr Chin Kian Keong, LTA’s Group Director for Transportation and Road Operations, said, “We are extremely honoured to receive this award in recognition of the Silver Zone programme, and are heartened by the strong support from the local community in Singapore.”

“It is a testament to LTA’s continuous efforts in enhancing road safety for our people, and improving the overall liveability of our city. We will continue building on the positive feedback, and expand our road safety initiatives to benefit more road users,” he added.

His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent said, “It gives me great pleasure to present this Award to the Land Transport Authority for their outstanding Silver Zone programme. The judges unanimously agreed that this initiative is a thoroughly practical approach to a growing problem of elderly pedestrians, and certainly replicable elsewhere in the world.”

LTA noted that it has implemented nine Silver Zones island-wide to date and will complete six more Silver Zones by next year.

Under its ongoing expansion plans, LTA said that it has identified 10 new locations to be enhanced with customised road safety features, bringing the total to 25 Silver Zones by 2019. The locations for another 25 Silver Zones will be identified progressively.

LTA announced that, by 2023, 50 residential estates across the island will feature safer roads for all users, especially the more vulnerable senior pedestrians. This is also part of the Government’s continuous efforts to support the Action Plan for Successful Ageing, which aims to shape a safe and convenient land transport network for our seniors.

List of Silver Zone Locations:
Source : LTA.
Source : LTA.

LTA also said that it has been conducting a series of traffic studies to determine the effectiveness of our Silver Zones in reducing the speed of motorists, and the results have been encouraging. Based on the studies conducted, motorists driving within the Silver Zones record a decrease of up to 15% in their travelling speeds.

As part of efforts to raise awareness of the Silver Zone programme, LTA said that it reaches out to the community through events and distributes brochures, posters and newsletters.

“We consult the Advisors and residents on the design of the road safety features as well as the implementation plan before we introduce the Silver Zones. We would like to thank them for their continued support in shaping safer roads for all users,” it said.

Source : LTA.
Source : LTA.
Source : LTA.
Source : LTA.


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