Source : Bomba Twitter account.

Six out of seven patients in Intensive-Care Unit (ICU), four women and two men died due to massive fire at the Intensive Care Unit on the second floor of the Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Baru, Malaysia, at about 9 am on Tuesday (25 October) and caused the mass evacuation of patients and medical personnel, according to local news channel.

The sole survivor suffered extensive burns to 80 per cent of the body. It was said that all the patients, who were in their late 50s, in the ICU passed away after being trapping in the blaze.

According to local news media, faulty wiring in the building that housed the ICU is suspected to have sparked the fire. Southern Johor Bahru district police chief Assistant Commissioner Sulaiman Salleh told a news conference that was shown on the website of Malay daily Harian Metro,As of now, as of our initial investigation, is that it’s from wiring.”

Local fire fighter tweeted that the fire broke out at around 8.56 am. It said that two patients were trapped.


A moment later, it said that the operations are still ongoing.


Later, it announced that five victims were found deceased, while one was saved. It also said that the operations are still ongoing as there was one more victim was still trapped inside the building.


It then said that another victim was found. Unfortunately, the victim was not able to survive.


Around two hours after the fire broke out, the fire fighter finally manage to put out the fire.


A video of the fire was also spread online.

PM Najib Tun Rajak tweeted that he was aware of the incident and was waiting for the updates.


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