The Singapore Police Force (SPF) stated that it has decided not to take any further action against former Nominated MP Calvin Cheng for his controversial comments he made online.

The Police said in a letter dated 5 October 2016 that the decision was made after careful consideration of the facts and circumstances of the case and in consultation with the Attorney-General’s Chambers, adding that all investigations and enquiries into the matter would stop, and the case will be closed.

People’s Power Party (PPP) organising secretary Augustin Lee Tze Shih had earlier filed a report against Mr Cheng in December 2015 over Mr Cheng’s comments online about killing the children of terrorists.

Mr Cheng wrote on his Facebook page in November 2015 about “killing terrorists before they kill you. And their children too in case they grow up to take revenge.”


At the time of his Facebook posting, Mr Cheng was still holding a position in the Media Literacy Council (MLC), which is meant to oppose hate speech and promote responsible social media use.

However, the MLC released a statement in response to media queries and public outcry by its Chairman Professor Tan Cheng Han stating that MLC is unable to conclude that what Mr Cheng said as a whole amounts to hate speech.


Following the news of the police dropping his case. Mr Cheng posted a Facebook post, advising members of the public to cooperate when the Police acts on a report against them and not to take videos and pictures of the Police and posting them on Facebook, alleging all sorts of misconduct by the police as they are just doing their job

He also commented that opposition characters need to stop using police reports as a political tool as revenge as the Police is not their instrument for personal vendettas.

He wrote, “I know it’s a win-win for these characters: if the police acts, they claim victory. If they don’t act, they claim double standards. Such behaviour should be condemned. Our police is here to safeguard us, protect us. Not as a pawn in their petty political games.”

Mr Cheng ended his post by thanking those who have been supportive of him through the course of the investigation. “Would like to thank those who have stood by me. You know who you are. 🙂 Thank you.”

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