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Malaysian bus burst into flames at Yishun, no casualty reported

A Malaysian bus burst into flames at the bus-stop outside Blk 145 at Yishun Ave 5 at about 4.30pm on Thursday (15 September).

Posted by Lay Hoon Ho on Facebook.
Photo of bus before it got engulfed in flames (Lay Hoon Ho)

Ng Leong Keong wrote on his Facebook page that the engine of the Johor bus is presumed to be overheated.

He noted that fire engulfed the entire rear of the bus and shortly after, there were explosions. The rear section of the bus then caught fire and a large amount of smoke was generated as a result of the fire with a strong smell of burning metal.

Ng wrote that the fire was put out in minutes soon after the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived. Fortunately, no one was hurt or injured.

TJ La Bang also posted a video of the incident.

The SCDF said that it was alerted to the fire at 4.35pm at Yishun Street 11. The bus’ engine compartment was involved in the fire.

It said that a fire engine, a red rhino and a fire bike to the scene were deployed, and the fire was extinguished using two water jets.

There were also some pictures of the incidents taken by netizens. One of them said that the traffic was held during that moment.

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A twitter user also posted an alert of the fire.