Source : The People’s Association.

The People’s Association (PA) released an announcement that insect repellent will be available at all Community Clubs (CCs) island-wide starting from Saturday (10 September).

Members of the public, particularly pregnant women, have complained lately that it was hard for them to find the insect repellent at any stores, as the demand for the item is raising high amid a Zika outbreak.

PA said that this move will enable pregnant women to easily and quickly get their hands on insect repellents even as retailers replenish their stocks.

Pregnant women who are unable to purchase insect repellents through the retail stores can collect one travel-sized bottle of repellent spray at any CC convenient to them. “Each expecting mother can redeem one bottle of insect repellent, while stocks last,” PA said.

Pregnant women can just simply show the maternity appointment card to redeem 30ml travel-sized insect repellents, which should last for about three days of regular application by one person. In a case when the mother-to-be is not able to come down to the CC for collection, another person can collect the bottle on her behalf by taking the expecting mother’s maternity appointment card from the hospital or gynaecologist that she is seeing for her pregnancy.

PA stated that it seeks everyone’s understanding as the repellents are only meant for mums-to-be as they are most vulnerable to the Zika virus.

PA has worked with National Environment Agency (NEA) and Ministry of Health (MOH) to secure 30,000 bottles of insect repellents.

Chief Executive Director of the PA, Mr Ang Hak Seng, BBM, said, “While we have stepped-up our efforts to rally the community to work together to eradicate Zika at source, we also wanted to do more for our Mums-to-be. We have quickly worked with the relevant agencies to secure insect repellents for them to help allay their immediate concerns.”

Please check with the nearest CC for their opening hours. Pregnant women can search for the CC here.

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