On SMRT Twitter account at around 6 am, SMRT tweeted that Circle Line’s (CCL) commuters would need additional travel time due to intermittent signalling issue. Similar to yesterday, it did not say whether free shuttle bus is available, and the exact time of additional time would be needed.

About two hours later, SMRT tweeted another announcement that trains would need additional time since it may have longer dwell times at the station.

This makes it the fifth day in a row that service for the Circle Line is being disrupted. The first service disruption occurred on Monday, 29 August. SMRT had asked commuters to hold onto handrail as the train may break suddenly due to the loss of communication signal.

The Minister of Transport, Khaw Boon Wan has still not commented on the issue.

There is less crowding issue at the stations today because the schools are on break due to the Teachers’ Day celebration.



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