Source : LTA Facebook page.

LTA: Physical road tax display not needed from 15 February 2017 onwards

Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced that it will stop issuing physical road tax discs from 15 February 2017 on its Facebook page on Monday (29 August).

The octagon piece of paper usually attached to the windscreen is no longer needed as a move to streamline the process. The road tax validity would be checked electronically and with this, motorists need not worry about misplacing the discs on their vehicles.

LTA reminds public to ensure that all the vehicles have a valid road tax which could be paid at AXS m-Stations (mobile) and e-Stations (internet) on top of the existing payment channels starting from 1 September 2016.

One.Motoring website (http://bit.ly/2beRJI2) is available for members of public to check on the road tax validity and they can also log into the One.Motoring account to ask for email reminders to renew the road tax.

LTA stated that motorists should also have their original motor insurance certificate readily available in the vehicle at all times. Printed proof of the validity of the road tax is needed for those who are driving into Malaysia.

Members of the public would still be receiving and displaying the paper road tax when they renew it until 15 February 2017.