Source : Andrew Mackintosh Twitter account.

According to the National Environment Agency, the Pollutant Standards Index PSI has reached 215 at 2.00 pm today (26 August).


While the 1-hr PM2.5 Readings stated that the PSI in West area has reached 216, stepped into very unhealthy level. While the lowest in the East, has crossed into the unhealthy level and reached 137.

Source : NEA.
Source : NEA.

According to the AQI (or Air Quality Index) from, what is being used on the World Air Quality Index project, the current air conditionย appears to be worse.

aqi results

Many people have shared their concerns of the deteriorating air condition and sharing the photos of their surrounding on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Netizens also posts the pictures of their surroundings which covered with haze.

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