PAP walkabout, a reason for parking at authorised vehicle only space?

Mr Wong Kan Seng exiting from his vehicle

On Saturday afternoon, Member of Parliament0 for Bishan Toa-Payoh, and former Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Wong Kan Seng spotted parking his car at area reserved for authorised vehicles only.

A reader sent in this series of photos to The Online Citizen (TOC). He expressed his disbelief on how someone could just simply park his car in a space designated for authorised vehicles, such as police cars or ambulance.

Mr Wong along with his grassroots leaders

authorised vehicles

The car is parked at an area just in front of the Bishan Community Centre that is usually barricaded by safety poles. But it seems that the poles were removed by the community centre for Mr Wong to park his Mercedes Benz.

He was seen going for his walkabout with his grassroots members at the nearby hawker centre. Is Mr Wong sanctioned to park his car at the area for the purpose of attending a PAP event?


The question here is whether Mr Wong allowed to park his car at the area for the purpose of attending a People’s Action Party walkabout?