Tribute publication about Lee Kuan Yew to be given free to all schools, associations and national libraries

book launch
Photo by Huang Wei Man

A new Mandarin-language book on Singapore’s founding Prime Minister was launched on 21 July by local Chinese newspaper, Lianhe Zaobao.

The LianheZaobao editorial team behind the book, hopes that the book can serve the purpose of national education in Singapore.

The 248-page book, titled “A Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew” (Chinese text: 光耀一生·誉满天下》), commemorates the late Mr Lee’s life and legacy, documenting milestones in his life, including Singapore’s struggle for independence, as well as his ideas and contributions to nation-building.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who is also the eldest son of late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, attended the launch event and thanked the organisations who produced the book for his father on his facebook account yesterday.

The publication of the book was supported by the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations and the director of Singapore Press Holding, Dr Lee Boon Yang, who was former Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts (Mica), serving as a Member of Parliament under the People’s Action Party.

The first print of the book will be given free to all schools, trade and clan associations, as well as the national library.

The book will be sold at a customary 10 dollars at all major bookstores from next month onwards, with all proceeds going to Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism

《光耀一生·誉满天下》, the literal translation would be “The whole life of Lee Kuan Yew, fame across the whole world.”


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