Crowd at Ang Mo Kio MRT station (Photo – Jacky Lee)
Crowd at Ang Mo Kio MRT station (Photo - Jacky Lee)
Crowd at Ang Mo Kio MRT station (Photo – Jacky Lee)

Yet another train service disruption along the North South MRT Line this morning.

Commuters have noted on social media that the cause of the delay is said to be a train fault, likely to be announced by the station.

It is unknown what time the service disruption took place and end. But social media suggest that the timing to be around 7.40 am to 9 am.


One commenter uploaded a photo, showing the crowd gathering at the foot of a stairway because the only upwards escalator for Jurong East MRT brokedown.

In Exercise Greyhound (2012) carried out jointly by LTA, SBST and SMRT, social media was identified as one of the evaluation criteria for public communication during service disruptions:

“LTA, as the exercise coordinator, assessed SMRT and SBST’s arrangement for free travel on existing public bus services, and the operation of bus shuttle services to provide transport service between the affected MRT stations. They were also tested on public communications, which included promptly informing the public of a service disruption and providing regular updates at the stations and through the media and social media channels such as twitter until normal service is resumed.”

However, there is no mention of the train delay on SMRT’s facebook account nor its twitter account.

The below are the accounts by commuters who were affected by the service disruption.

Some mentioned the speed of the train

Some have taken to the SMRT facebook to make note of the train service disruption.




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