A week after a Singaporean man was arrested for failing to stop as instructed at the Tuas Checkpoint, two more similar incidents have occurred at the Woodlands checkpoint.

In a press release on Tuesday, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said the first incident happened on Monday, 29 June.

At about 3.50 am on the day, a Singapore-registered car driven by a male Malaysian arrived at the Woodlands Checkpoint.

“The 41-year old man, who is also a Singapore Permanent Resident, had driven past the immigration counter without stopping for clearance,” the ICA said.

“The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officer activated the alarm and the Arrival Car Zone was locked down immediately. The car was found at the Arrival Car Zone within the checkpoint and the driver was placed under immediate arrest.”

In the second case, which took place a day later, on 30 June, a Malaysia-registered car failed to stop for immigration clearance.

The ICA explained what transpired:

“The Malaysia-registered car was tailgating the car in front at the Woodlands Checkpoint. The ICA officer activated the alarm and the Arrival Car Zone was locked down immediately. The ICA officers intercepted the car at the Arrival Car Zone within the checkpoint. When the officers requested for the driver to switch off the engine and to unlock the vehicle, the driver refused to comply. Officers had to break both the front and rear passenger windows to escort the driver out of the vehicle. The 34-year-old female Malaysian, who was in possession of an expired travel document, was placed under arrest.”

Investigations are ongoing.

On 23 June, Mr Mohamed Dawood Abdul Sukkur, 47, was arrested for failing to stop as instructed at Tuas Checkpoint. Mr Dawood was directed by ICA officers to an area for further checks but he failed to stop and drove past Tuas Checkpoint in his 7-series BMW sedan.

His failure to stop ignited a manhunt and he was only arrested two hours later at 2pm near Pioneer North Road.

Upon his arrest, police officers found that Mr Dawood was in possession of more than 100 boxes of curry puffs and kueh.

He has since been charged for one count of committing a rash act endangering human life or personal safety of others, and is out on bail of $10,000.

If found guilty, he could be sentenced to up to six months’ jail, a fine of S$2,500, or both.

Two weeks earlier, a 34-year old man was shot dead by security personnel near the Shangri-la Hotel for breaching security measures which were in place for a summit of global defence leaders.

Two other men who were also in the car involved in the incident have since been arrested and face charges for drug possession.

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日前一名被指专业行为不当而医药理事会吊销执照的外科医师向高等法院上诉,于昨日(27日)获判上诉得直。 根据《雅虎新闻》报道,被告Dr Looi Kok Poh被指未给予一名外籍劳工充分的病假,外籍劳工当时是在工作期间发生工伤意外。 昨日,以大法官梅达顺为首的上诉庭三司审理上诉,裁定法庭未能证实被告违背了医疗守则。 法官认为根据所搜到的证据,不足以说明被告已违背了医疗守则所定义的专业操守。 法官也指出并无证明指正被告专业操守严重失当,故推翻了原先裁决,撤销对医生处分。 法官也特别指出,被告在根据伤者当时的条件,判定他可担任轻松职务,而且在医学上适当的职务是有利于伤者的康复。被告也同时向伤者与随同的工作人员一并解释相关轻松职务。 事发经过 2011年8月7日,印裔工人瓦达(译名,32岁)在造船厂工作时,由于钢板脱落压到右手造成右手中指粉碎性骨折。 当时,由被告进行第一阶段的手术。后来,被告诊断认为瓦达恢复良好可出院,并决定给予瓦达一天病假,并注明伤者在之后的七天内只能执行轻松职务。然而,当晚伤者右手再次疼痛,被安排见其他医生,医生当时却给出两天病假。…

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