A big “thank you” to all our GE2015 fund-raiser supporters

A big “thank you” to all our GE2015 fund-raiser supporters

TOC GE crowdfunder close 41k

Since we launched our #TOCGearsUpForGE2015 crowd funder, The Online Citizen had received more than 220 contributions, both online and offline, to help us prepare for the coming General Elections.

And to put it simply: We did it, thanks to you!

Our crowd funder raised a total of S$41,100, above our initial target of S$30,000. While it is still shy of our stretched target of S$50,000, this amount will nevertheless help see us through the next few months, get more help to better prepare us for covering the lead up and the hustings, and keep our servers running.

Just as heartening for us are the many who thought nothing about lending their voices to our campaign. We haven’t met with a single “no” when we asked TOC volunteers and members of civil society – many who had to take time off their busy schedules – to put face to camera to say why Singaporeans should support TOC. We are happy to have your friendship.

What is most humbling, however, is the trust and expectations that our contributors put in us – not just in terms of the quantum of donations, but they unwavering faith in what TOC can do. We promise that we will do our best not to disappoint you.

But it will be an arduous task, and we will need all the help we can get to keep going and do what is expected of us. Good journalism needs to be paid for, and we are still some way off from being self-sustaining.

So please advertise with us, or better yet, work with us to create sustainable and exciting programmes.

Donations can be made to The Opinion Collaborative Ltd, DBS current account, bank code 7171, account number 04890-4435-7.

You can also send us a cheque, made payable to “The Opinion Collaborative Ltd”, to our new office:

Blk 28 Sin Ming Lane
Midview City
Singapore 573972

Please note that donations to TOC should be accompanied by your full name and NRIC number, or it will be reserved for use by TOC Ltd.

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