Edz Ello’s case still under investigation: Police



The police are still investigating the case of Filipino Ello Ed Mundsel Bello, it said in a reply to a query on the Singapore Police Force Facebook page.

Mr Ello had posted on his Facebook page sometime last year derogatory and inflammatory comments about Singapore and Singaporeans.

His posts caused such an uproar among the public that his employer, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) fired him from his job subsequently.

In its statement on the sacking, TTSH said Mr Ello’s posts were "highly irresponsible and offensive to Singapore and religion."

Mr Ello’s postings "have distressed members of the public and our hospital staff”, the hospital said then. “His conduct goes against our staff values of respect, professionalism, and social responsibility."

Mr Ello had claimed that his Facebook account was “hacked” but he later confirmed to TTSH that he had indeed made the posts.

TTSH also said, “Our decision for dismissal is independent of the ongoing police investigation of the more recent alleged posts made in January 2015. We are still in full cooperation with the police on the alleged comments.”

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Mr Ello’s posts were believed to have been made in 2014, and following the public uproar, an investigation by the police was commenced in January, after members of the public made police reports about it.

One of them was Mr Patrick Mahoney, who enquired with the police, through its Facebook page, on the latest status of the investigation.

Mr Mahoney asked the SPF on Tuesday:

“Congrats for the quick arrest of Amos Yee. Now can you guys explain WHY you STILL have NOT arrested Ed Mundsel Bello Ello aka Edz Ello when he actually did far worse things like trying to incite a communal riot and made terrorist threats against Singapore and Singaporeans? Or do we actually need to file official complaints against the police to the minister himself if we want answers?”

Amos Yee is the 16-year old teen who was arrested on Monday morning for an online video allegedly disparaging the Christian religion and the late Lee Kuan Yew.

The police have charged him under the Sedition Act and the Protection from Harassment Act.

The SPF replied to Mr Mahoney on Wednesday:

“Hi Patrick, Police investigations into the reported cases are still on-going, and it is inappropriate for us to comment further. We will provide an update once we have completed our investigations.”

Mr Mahoney in turn responded:

“Can you please explain the reason for the delay? Many Singaporeans now believe that he has fled the country and may have returned under a false identity. And it's definitely not a case of insufficient evidence, because my friend who made the report also provided documentary evidence including edz ello's place of employment, telephone number and general place of residence.”

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  • NotSoNutCase

    And it just took our “magnificent” police force only 4 days to finish the investigation with the subsequent arrest of Amos Yee on his Youtube video.

  • Vto Pap

    KNN, April’s Fool joke issit?

  • ladylovecraft

    direct link to enquiry on edz ello at SPF fb over here!


    • Szabo

      Maybe someone should be querying MHA, or lodging an official complaint about SPF’s laggardness in this.

      Clearly, SPF comprises lazy motherfuckers sitting on their asses all day and need to be pushed.

  • Szabo

    I recall an incident involving a 12 year old from India who declared something on his FB about wanting to bomb some place. (Was it the Gardens by the Bay?)

    Naturally, only because the boy was Indian, the racist opposition supporters bayed for his blood; the equally racist SPF responded, and VERY SWIFTLY: They ARRESTED him!

    Yes, they arrested a 12 year old. In a matter of days.

    And that appeased all the motherfucking chinks.

    Never mind the details of racism in this case, but what is taking SPF so long with the Edz Ello case? What is there to investigate when Edz Ello left the evidence for all to see, just as the 12 year old from India did.

    And just as Amos Yee did?

    Is Edz Ello somehow well connected politically? Such as, is he a distant relative of Marcos, the dictator Lee Kuan Yew’s dictator friend who Lee wanted to shield in Singapore when people power in the Phillipines overthrew him?

    • nelsonmandala

      And that appeased all the motherfucking chinks.

      and ere u r…
      as usual point YOUR fingers for usin the holy sworn words “mutherfarker”
      zhee..typikal tongue twister injun

      • mouseking

        Just give him what he wants: motherfucker kialingkia!

  • Ah Ter Kia

    So the SPF was ‘too fast’ in Amos’ case?

    • NotSoNutCase

      No, they were too slow on other similar cases. Dragging their feet don’t seem to know whether to proceed or not on these other similar cases.

  • Gab Winter

    As a God fearing lamb, blasphemy against our lord is an unforgivable sin as Jesus have said so HIMSELF. Being a child even if you are 3 years old is no excuse if you insult our CREATOR!!! Lee KY is the creator of Singapore and God is the creator of man. To insult them is to be ungrateful for your existance and a great sin. And to the eyes of us God-fearing righteous people, sinners deserve to be tortured and punished in hell for eternity. Being charged for blasphemy is the least of his worry. He will have to face GOD HIMSELF!
    If not for these harsh laws, Singaporeans will be very uncivilized people as LKY HIMSELF predicted. Singaporeans need harsh laws to control us. If not there will be riots and disorder like in the past.
    Everyone who makes insulting remarks should be charged as a criminal, and all rebellious children should be sent off for rehab to correct their thinking and ‘wake up their idea’. However, sinners against GOD like LGBT people and their communities do not have the right not to be offended, because they are offensive to Singapore’s conservative society. We are not a western society that people can su-ga su-ga anyhow ruan lai. Buai Sai Buai Sai lahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ellos was inciting, provocating, and offensive too..and could potentially spark violent confrontation seeing how worked up people are. Similarly Amos criticism of Christianity may cause Christians to become violent if they are offended. You don’t need to outright incite violence to cause riots. Violence can be sparked by a simple insult or criticism over sensitive or taboo topics that people don’t want to hear. Everyone should just shut up in Singapore and keep their negative opinions to themselves and pretend to be nice to one another and keep peace. As they say, if you have nothing nice or positive to say, keep quite. That is responsible speech. However on the argument about hate speech and direct inciting of violence against LGBT people, I will have to say that it is the right of the religion to hate LGBT, and there is no incident of LGBT community becoming violent or rioting as the result of society discrimination against them sinners, so that is perfectly fine.