MND skirting around concerns about the Sengkang columbarium tender


Khaw Boon WanBy Howard Lee

The exchange that the Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan had with fellow parliamentarians on the Sengkang columbarium issues deserves a closer look, not least because the key thrust of the debate seems to be conveniently lost in headlines that declare, “there will be no commercial columbarium in Fernvale”.

Also not helpful is what I can only best describe as a serious misrepresentation of the concerns brought up by residents about the columbarium, which some media outlets put it rather simplistically as they “did not like living next to a columbarium, felt their property resale value would be affected, and did not like how a religious site was given to a commercial entity.”

Mr Khaw’s responses in Parliament yesterday can basically be distilled into three key points: The tender with for-profit company Eternal Pureland Pte Ltd (EPL) to build a temple on land for non-profit purposes will continue; MND acknowledges that the land was meant for non-profit uses, and is “in discussions with EPL” to build a temple rather than a “commercial columbarium”; and there are serious gaps in the MND tendering process, which will be reviewed.

Is MND’s approach to the whole issue sufficient in answering the concerns of the residents directly involved, and the confidence in the public about MND’s ability to deal with such issues?

dialogsession at sengkangConcerns of the residents, misrepresented?

First, the portrayal of how residents reacted to the whole issue had stuck with the not-in-my-back-yard formula – that they did not want the columbarium because it affects them personally. Even Mr Khaw could not resist saying:

“But I can understand some of the residents' unhappiness because of this indication that there will be a commercial columbarium cropping up in their neighbourhood. So I think those concerns are legitimate and reasonable.

We all make a strong distinction between a commercial columbarium and an incidental columbarium service which is provided by temples and some churches.”

A closer read of the open letter from the residents, sent to the Minister himself, would reveal that their concerns are nowhere near this NIMBY hypothesis. Concerns about the devaluation of their property never entered the letter.

Instead, what we see are their concerns that the award of the tender to a commercial company would set an unfortunate precedence for unfair competition between for-profit businesses and non-profit organisations. They also took issue with how the Housing Development Board “hide critical material information under ultra-fine prints and vague uncertain phrases” in what they see as an attempt to inflate the price of the property by being opaque with the full details.

They made a call for HDB to effectively and unconditionally cancel their deal for the homes they have paid a deposit for, or to cancel the tender to EPL in favour for more non-profit purposes.

In his reply, Mr Khaw never addressed these issues directly. In fact, we are to understand that EPL would continue to be the valid tenderer for the temple/columbarium project, with Mr Khaw suggesting that the move will be from a “commercial columbarium” to an “incidental columbarium”.

There will be no lack of raised eyebrows for this preposition. Assuming that a for-profit entity would even entertain doing things in a non-profit way, such a “middle path” as Mr Khaw would likely call it lends itself to issues of drawing very thin lines on what a for-profit entity might be permitted to do as a non-profit outcome.

Why would anyone have faith that MND and HDB would be able to draw those lines, given that the current situation was a result of the agency “just assuming that it must be a company affiliated to some religious organisation”? Who would police EPL? Why not start on a clean slate to eradicated such ambiguity, rather than offer any opportunity at by-passing the rules?

MNDLoopholes in tendering process just about “catching up with times”?

In fact, MPs Lee Li Lain and Baey Yam Keng both identified that this lack of due diligence on the part of the tendering agency needs to be checked and amended, not just for MND but also for future tenders which involve land use.

Unfortunately, Mr Khaw made two statements that would have most baffled, if not question the capacity of MND and its statutory boards to do it right again:

“I think one takeaway for me from this episode is that times have changed and some of our tender procedures have not caught up with time.”

“Their (EPL’s) plans and our plans do not coincide.”

It is only right that Mr Khaw should call for a review of the tender processes, which he did. But beyond demanding for accountability by calling on MND to follow up and reveal the eventual results of the review, what we should be concerned about is how MND seems to have taken a flippant attitude towards the whole matter.

That EPL’s commercial intention for a non-profit site was allowed to pass because they “made the highest bid”, as Mr Khaw has admitted, speaks volumes about the government’s approach towards tenders, particularly those for land use.

So one might wonder what Mr Khaw meant when he said that the review would “tighten tender rules to achieve MND’s planning objectives”. A holistic approach would necessarily need to consider matters of transparency, not just for how the tendering agency can be accountable to the people by building in more specific tender requirements, but how bidders need to disclose their interests and business affiliations.

Unfortunately, letting EPL proceed with the project, regardless of any new terms and conditions imposed by MND, will continue to be a sting in the hide of the whole issue. It is emblematic of a system that penalises citizens, even if unintentionally, because it is unable to distinguish between social and commercial interests.

  • laukokok

    Why say so much, just say this is a isolated case or human error ,set up a COI after sometime people will forget. This the way you PAP Minister always co right?

  • Tan Alan

    Why no COI or CPIB investigation into fraudulent corruptible acts in tender process?… another Bromptomgate, AIMgate to be quickly swept under the stinky PAPigfarm carpet?

    • PikuChoo

      As I have repeatedly mentioned, there has been an allegation that Goh Chok Tong’s son and Ho Ching’s cousin are directors of either the $1 company (Eternal Pureland) and/or its parent company Life Corporation (Australia listed).

      We need Mr Khaw to categorically state that the allegation is either false or true instead of conveniently keeping silent. Otherwise, we will assume the worse, ie: it is true. (Hopefully our assumption will not be subject to being issued a letter of demand in a private capacity by PM LHL through his very good friend Mr Davinder).

      It is okay to assume and ACT on the assumption right? Afterall, MND appears to have done EXACTLY that and NO one has been punished.

      • nelsonmandala

        what!!!! lauGoh’s son again..that bloke is a big doc in raffles parklanes medical dead also hav a share…sure win lioa

        • PikuChoo

          If this (Fernvale columbarium) had gone ahead, lauGoh’s son’s hospital might well be funneling business to the columbarium… and he gets to make money on patients whether they come or go…

          • nelsonmandala

            mayB lauGOH’s angmor soninlaw becum a taoist monk and can performed the xclusive funeral rites in fernvale colabarium as well

      • Richard Woo

        Khaw is a PAP minister – we must remember that. Can we trust him to answer truthfully? The PAPy camp is saturated with half-truths and hypocrisy. The next GE results cannot be seen as a freak result [overall] but as an indictment of PAPy failure in serving Singaporeans – assuming of course the PAP is booted out.

        • jessie

          But we don’t have enough Opposition to form the govt.

      • Samson

        No surprise lah, this is expected given the blank cheque by the people, in fact it would be stupid of PAPpies not to write anything on the cheque since the 60% so love, love, love them and support anything and everything they do. This election is not going to be any different, PAP WILL WIN AGAIN!!! This is how blooming stupid majority of Singaporeans are. Why do you think the cleverer ones find this place hopeless and left.

  • Nikko Asia

    This incident is the thin edge of the wedge. Wonder what other rules will have loopholes to allow skirting of the social contract.

  • PikuChoo

    This is the definition of “twisting”, one of the favourite words of A-Lan, who is noticeably absent all of a sudden….

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      • PikuChoo

        When AHPETC made a mistake in reporting the arrears for their town council, nobody LOST money and nobody made a profit.

        When Ho Ching lost a S$1 billion of our laundered CPF funds, it was an honest mistake. She has since far exceeded that record.

        Now Khaw Boon Wan cannot even admit that a mistake had been made with respect to the Fernvale temple tender. Instead, he has chosen to “twist” and “turn” and “farted” that an assumption had been made. He couldn’t even bring himself to say that it was a WRONG assumption.

        And you say you are “defending my country” by mindlessly supporting whatever the PAP govt says or does? I think if a govt minister was found raping your daughter, you would DEFINITELY say that she was asking for it and the minister is innocent. Right? 🙂

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          • PikuChoo

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          • Alan

            For a start what does Ho Ching had to do with the topic we are discussing?

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            The government already declared that Temasek does not handle CPF. It’s like insisting that your mum is a woman but you keep implying That’s not! So what’s the point?

            No one in the world can guarantee profitability on investment! There are profit and losses! Even f they’ve losses, they’ve made it back! Our funds are more now! Can’t u let it go? Less you tell me there isn’t other issue you can counter with and prefer to be a broken record!

            For that the ruling party is doing a great job with minimum problems and mistakes !

          • GUSSIE91

            dude……………..we just received a summary fast fax from Oxford cafe after Davos meeting, that the Singapore GIC/Temasek world bank Standard Chartered/SC majority share holders has lost more than 65% from it capital invested and its earning has also dropped more than 75%.
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            At present cash and gold are still our king.

          • PikuChoo

            Huh? What does Ho Ching know about running a bank? She didn’t know anything about investment and promptly lost nearly S$1 billion when she started at Temasek Hld.

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  • One straightforward simple question: Which commercial entity with stakeholders and stockholders to answer to, be willing to part with millions of dollars for a project that would for all intents and purposes yield zilch income just because some MND civil servants or the minister have been sleeping on their jobs? It will be a moral hazard for the minister to arm twist or otherwise get EPL to continue. Any behind the scene deals to make EPL cooperate is strictly illegal for the govt to enter into.

  • Samson

    Do people seriously expect high standards from these Millionsters? If the boss must pay them a lot a lot to prevent corruption, has zero accountability and consequence for any misdeeds, it is only normal or natural for all sorts of misdeeds to be carried out under your nose.

    The boss himself is blackmailed by this thugs! What you expect?