Dr Chee under virtual house arrest during elections?

From TOC’s General Election website:

Dr Chee’s status as an undischarged bankrupt has made him unable to contest the upcoming elections. The Parliamentary Elections Act, provision 83 states: ‘No person who is an undischarged bankrupt shall take part in any election activity’. And this is the reason for his apparent ‘house arrest’.

Therefore, could the simple act of chatting with local residents outside his home or office be misconstrued as ‘conducting an election activity’- a breach of the law? Would Dr Chee be unable to buy food from the local hawker center for fear of being accused of promoting his campaign? For now, the duration of this ‘house arrest’ remains unclear. However, with Dr Chee being unable to venture outdoors during the GE due to this vague political quarantine, one wonders if the SDP is going into the elections with its hands tied firmly behind its back.

Dr Chee raised a few thought provoking issues when The Online Citizen interviewed him on 12 April 2011.

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