Scrutiny of manifestos – PAP’s double-standards?

“Like in all brochures the companies put out, it is beyond just what’s being written there. You’ve got to drill down to the details as to what exactly do they mean by their specific recommendations. When people look at all these items, they should perhaps look into the details or perhaps ask for better explanation as to how these policies can be implemented.”

Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng, on the Workers’ Party’s 63-page manifesto which was released on 9 April. (Today)

“Singapore’s Labour Chief Lim Swee Say said the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) manifesto is a compass that charts a firm, long-term course for the country.

He said people should not just think about the micro aspects of policies.”

Channel NewsAsia reporting on NTUC Chief, Lim Swee Say’s response to criticisms that the PAP’s 13-page manifesto, released on 17 April, was too brief and lacked details. (Channelnewsasia)