TOC Blog Feature: Pork barrel politics in S’pore by PAP

Excerpts from Singapore Lighthouse:

PAP Government had ran out of ideas during every General Elections. They always uses Pork Barrel Politics in Singapore Election goodies to entice Singaporeans to vote for them.

Instead of looking into minimum wages, welfare of the aging population, high cost of housing and cost of living, the PAP still resort to Pork Barrel Politics….

Of course, upgrading are the jobs of every rightful and lawful governments in this world, but to use this to entice or “force” voters to vote away their Rights as citizens is not rights. This is how PAP kept on taking away our democratic rights and real representations in Parliament. During every Singapore Parliament sittings, these PAP Ministers and MPs bulldozed and supported PAP’s policies at the expenses of Singaporeans and increasing their Pocket monies. There are no representations of the true voices of the average Singaporeans.

Read the full article on Singapore Lighthouse.

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