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A difference of opinion between the Gov’t and the Court of Appeal?

By Ariffin Sha Does Article 12 of our Constitution guarantee equality before the law for the LGBT Community? The answer to that might seem like a straightforward and unequivocal no. Even more in the light of the Court of Appeals’ decision to uphold Section 377Aa of the Penal Code in a Constitutional Challenge. Section 377A of the Penal Code is …

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S377A – Tan Eng Hong will have his day in court

Media Release Court rules that the original challenge to s377A will be heard in up-coming appeal SINGAPORE, October 10, 2013– Today the Court of Appeal ordered that Mr Tan Eng Hong, who has been pursuing a Constitutional Challenge to Singapore’s anti-gay law for more than three years, should be allowed to appear before the Court with Mr Kenneth Lim and Mr …

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Skeletons in the Closet: A Legal Response to s.377A

Sent in via Readers’ Contribution NOTE: This is a strictly legal response to s.377A, transcending the pointless clutter of morality, religion, liberty, discrimination, etc, which so many have assumed to have a place in judicial reasoning. Briefly, arguments about equality and discrimination do not influence legality simply because: Who is anyone to say one person’s version of morality/discrimination/… supersedes another’s? …

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A Distracting Debate in Singapore

By Harold Seah   An argument over morality is often the most heated but least understood; people retreat into individual comfort zones, clinging fast to familiar yardsticks of right-and-wrong, causing what might have been an intelligent, informed debate has to degenerate into a fundamentalist free-for-all. Such as become of the debate over whether to repeal or to retain Section 377A …

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