Retrenched PMET driving for a living says he can’t afford to spend his last days in Singapore

Jeffrey Khoo, Deputy Organising Secretary of the Progress Singapore Party, recently shared his encounter and conversation with a local driver on his Facebook page. In his post, Mr Khoo recounted how he took a ride to attend a meeting in town, and during their conversation, he learned that the driver was formerly a seasoned PMET as well. Difficulty to find job, main reason for rejection was “too old” Despite actively seeking job opportunities, the driver faced difficulty securing employment due to ageism. “For the companies that interviewed him, the main reason for rejection was that he was too old.” Although it is already a common story these days, what caught Jeffrey’s attention was the driver’s deep disappointment in not being able to retire in Singapore due to the high cost of living.

Second accident involving elderly school bus driver in two months: 68-year-old arrested for careless driving

A 68-year-old school bus driver crashed into a carpark gantry, injuring a 70-year-old woman crossing the road in Singapore. The woman was rushed to the hospital in a coma. Five young children were onboard the bus at the time of the accident. The driver was arrested for careless driving causing grievous hurt, and an investigation is ongoing. The accident raises concerns about elderly drivers, as the statutory age limit for a vocational license in Singapore is 75 years old.

Surprise and dismay among netizens over 86-year-old who has been working as a cleaner for 15 years

A netizen expressed shock upon discovering an elderly 86-year-old cleaner in Singapore still working, despite his age. The cleaning schedule of an HDB block, including the cleaner’s introduction, was shared on Facebook by Fahrurazi Degil. Netizens expressed disappointment over the elderly’s inability to retire due to low income, depleted CPF savings, and other reasons. While some have suggested that the incumbent government’s policies contribute to this vicious cycle, the Singapore government announced in Budget 2023 to increase the minimum monthly payout for the Retirement Sum Scheme from S$250 to S$350 starting 1 June 2023. However, according to the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP), an older Singaporean would need $1,379 a month to meet his or her basic needs.

Netizens lament the death of 72-year-old in accident on his first day of work as school-bus driver

A 72-year-old driver passed away in the hospital after his van skidded and crashed near Redhill MRT Station. The victim was taken to the Singapore General Hospital, where he died while unconscious. The accident has sparked comments from netizens who expressed their condolences and concern over elderly workers in Singapore. Some lamented the fact that the driver had to work at the age of 72, despite being of retirement age and should have been allowed to retire with dignity. Others suggested that the cut-off age for driving should be a maximum of 70 years old and called on the government to do more to support elderly citizens.

Don’t take pity on me

Robin Low writes that Singaporeans are struggling to afford retirement due to a high cost of living, inadequate retirement savings, longer life expectancy, difficulty finding work, and family responsibilities. Many turn to real estate investments to beat inflation, but this contributes to a housing bubble that exacerbates the income divide. The policies that maximize the price of public housing, with an increasing land value added, ultimately result in the housing yielding $0 at the end of the lease, making it more like a liability than an asset.