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Dialectical Postmortem Blues: “Marxist or Catholic?”

“You are a Marxist.” “No, I am a Catholic” *PIAK* Now, imagine that exchange repeating itself no less than 50 times. In addition to being repeatedly slapped across the face by an ISD Officer who was trained in martial arts, the detainee would also be doused with ice-cold water in a room where the air-condition is on full blast. That …

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Not forgetting 21 May 1987 and its relevance today

By Teo Soh Lung Today at dawn, 27 years ago, plain clothes policemen climbed over my garden gate and started banging on the glass door. Rudely awakened by the loud noise of glass being hit, I looked out of the window and saw the garden filled with light. There were cars with full headlights turned on. People were milling around. …

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Back at Whitley 26 years ago on 19 April 1988

An personal account by Ms Teo Soh Lung of her experience in Operation Spectrum. “They are at my door”, the voice on the line was Souk Yee’s. “What should I do?” she asked. Well, what can one do when “they are at the door?” It was funny. Didn’t we discuss the possibility that we would be rearrested after issuing the …

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