GST Voucher Scheme to benefit 1.5 million Singaporeans with $1.2 billion cash and MediSave top-ups in August 2023

1.5 million Singaporeans are set to receive a total of S$1.2 billion as part of the GST Voucher scheme in August 2023, marking enhanced support for lower to middle-income households, following the 1% hike of GST to 8% in January 2023

MOF: 950k Singaporean households to benefit from increased GSTV rebates in July

Nearly a million Singaporean households will receive doubled GSTV U-Save and S&CC rebates, providing significant relief on utility bills, as announced by the Ministry of Finance.

Singapore doubles ABSD to 60% for foreign property buyers in effort to “prioritise housing for owner-occupation”

Singapore announced increased Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) rates to promote a sustainable property market which will take effect from 27 April. Foreigners buying residential property will see ABSD rise from 30% to 60%, while entities will face a raise from 35% to 65%. Singapore citizens and permanent residents will also experience rate increases. The government says that it aims to manage investment demand and ensure housing supply meets demand. The ABSD rate adjustments will affect approximately 10% of residential property transactions. Transitional provisions will apply to certain cases.

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GST Vouchers to be given to HDB households this month for utility bills rebate

About 930,000 Singaporeans residing in Housing and Development Board (HDB) will receive…