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Lim Ching Siong says: I’m not a communist

The following was written by Lim Ching Siong and published in The Straits Times on 31 July 1961. Your editorial comments and news reports in the law week have focused attack on me. By repeating the fiction that I am a Communist front-man. I suppose my political antagonists hope that it would stick in the minds of some. While Mr. …

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The PAP’s “aim number one” 60 years ago

The People’s Action Party (PAP) was formed on 12 November 1954. This year thus marks the party’s 60th anniversary. According to the PAP Facebook page: “Lee [Kuan Yew] formed the socialist People’s Action Party (PAP)… with a group of English-educated middle-class colleagues and pro-communist trade unionists…” The next year, 1955, the PAP nominated five candidates for the Legislative Assembly elections. …

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What is the Government trying to hide?

“What is the Government trying to hide?” That is a question which has been raised more frequently in recent times, as Singapore approaches its 50th birthday as a nation. Specifically, the question refers to the authorities’ ban on films and alternative accounts of Singapore’s history which have come into the spotlight in recent years. It is thus no surprise that …

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Lim Chin Siong was wrongfully detained

By Dr. Thum Ping Tjin Lim Chin Siong co-founded the People’s Action Party (PAP) in 1954 with Lee Kuan Yew. His intellect, leadership, and legendary oratory skills enabled him to organise the trade union movement and provide the organisational base for the PAP. He effectively championed the cause of the unemployed and the exploited workers of Singapore, and was wildly …

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